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Still struggling with all this new technology (Good bye Sampler. Hello Plug In) .

I seem to have a complete lack of confidence and the growing realization that my strengths lie somewhere in arrangement and composition (I hope). I seem to be able to put the right sounds together (some people might disagree with that statement...well they can go to hell)

I am a solo " artist " and work mainly on Apple G5's and various Plugs from East West, Spectrasonics, Native Instruments. All sequencing is done On Cubase 4. Most of the Hardware from the last 15 years does not get much of a look in theses days.

With all those brilliant sites on the web, I feel have gained a lot of useful knowledge about how music works or doesn't and my technical skills have improved in spite of my lack of training in music in general. I plan to continue expanding my knowledge of music, especially orchestration and writing for movies and the internet.

You will find me most likely listening to Enigma, Vangelis or Jarre than the Arctic Monkeys.
I am at present doing the Music for the Media course and find it at the same time exciting, frustrating, scary but, it certainly helped me to get out of my comfort zone. is my space
There will be an updated site soon.
I am also at

It would be nice to talk to somebody sometime.

Regards to all...
Michel Pete

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