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I've added two new tunes to my list. "Morning Amor" is a cue that was done for Good Morning America that I thought achieved a nice laid back quality.

The song "Meant To Be Mine" has an interesting back story. I'm a member of a New York based group called The Manhattan Producer's Alliance (go to: for more info on it) and we were recently approached by eSession ( http://www, ) to try out their service within the MPA community. eSession is a web based service that allows you to hire top session players or even lesser known artists to play on your project by downloading your project from the site, recording it in their home studio and then uploading their stem back to eSession. While that may just sound like a glorified FTP site, you really should check out their website to fully understand what they offer.
In any case, I offered to be the guinea pig for the eSession experiment and recorded a guitar/vocal track of a tune that I wrote for this. I posted it up on eSession and asked members of MPA to add some parts to it. One member went and wrote some lyrics to the tune. I sang the vocals and played the guitar parts on it after the other MPA members added their contributions. Considering there was no direction given other than the tune itself, I think the result is suprisingly good for the three days it took to do on the part of everyone.

So give a listen and check out eSession and MPA while you're at it.

Let me know what you think

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