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Well I'm not sure how qualified I am to speak about studio design and building but I'll at least tell the story of how my studio was conceived and constructed.

First, I'd just like to describe exactly what I've ended up with and it wasn't what I set out to build.

My studio's internal dimensions are around 5.2m by 4.5m (that's around 17' by 15' in old money). It's about 8½' high as well. The studio is a single room with no windows and a single custom built heavy door which is secured with stable door hinges! There's no live room/control room separation. If I need to record live instruments then I need to record them in that same room.

Sound insulation is very important to me. The building is at the far end of my garden and I want to be able to work through the night without bothering my neighbours. My building itself is very ruggedly constructed on concrete foundations (8 tonnes) and is built of two skins of 4" block work. I also spent some money on specific products however I'll go into detail on a later post. I'll also make some comments about how to build this in the UK without requiring planning permission (but still remaining legal).

At the moment I have spent little time on sound absorption. This is mostly because I haven't actually finished moving furniture into the room and I want to wait until everything is in before I spend money on absorption products.

So, I have a single room and my control centre is currently based around a single PC and desk (although I'll be adding a second PC this weekend). I've also got the large plasma screen which I can link up to the PC so that clients can sit back on the sofa and watch demos or even watch as I score.

There's a whole heap of electrical outlets all over the studio on two seperate rings. Around the walls I have a total of 24 sockets on one ring and then I have 12 floor sockets on another ring. I have broadband network connectivity running to two sections of the room.

Finally, I have two forms of air conditioning. I have a standard air con unit and I also have an air freshening unit which pulls in fresh air from the outside. It has special soundproofing built in. I have to say that the aircon was quite expensive however it is essential in a closed environment like this - especially with PCs and a plasma screen kicking out so much heat!

Well this is the first installment. In my next posts I'll start detailing the planning and initial construction.



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Comment by Chris Merritt on June 13, 2007 at 11:29am
Awesome! I bet a lot of the composers here have considered building their own rooms!

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