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Just added this new track. I wrote it months ago but was never happy with the mix. Having practised my audio skills a little more, I've tried again and it's no longer terrible (I hope!) See what you think.

When writing this, I imagined a movie scene where someone is lost in a canyon by a stream and gets spooked and starts to run. The twilight is deepening and every now and then they think they see something moving alongside them through the trees. At the end, they emerge into the light again and escape, realising it was all just imagined. Or... was it? >:-]

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Comment by Mike Torr on October 26, 2007 at 2:45pm
I wasn't imagining it then! I'm talking about the speed. I always thought this sounded too slow when streaming. It should actually be about 10-15% faster and higher pitched. I think I actually know what happened. Somewhere along the way, 48kHz became 44.1kHz without sample conversion and the whole thing got stretched. I'm not sure what happened, but I might try uploading again after converting to 44.1 to see if it works.

So for now, could you all please listen with your minds running 10-15% slower? Thank you so much :|

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