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On Monday, my hard drive died. I didn't have back-ups of my original scores that were developed with that hard drive. I don't know yet if they are completely lost or not.

I have a new computer on order and it will arrive in about a fortnight. At that time, I'll take it in to the shop with my old computer. I'll have my E-mu sound system transferred and I'll have the technicians examine the hard drive to see if there is anything that is recoverable. I'm not giving up hope but I'm not holding out high hopes either.

I had recently upgraded to Garritan Personal Orchestra 4 and I was starting to learn Sonar diligently to be able to re-work my original Finale scores into the better sounding output. It's a steep learning curve for me but I was going to try to get it working this year. Now, I'm not sure how things will proceed.

But I'm sharing my personal disaster to be a warning to you good folks here. Back up your precious works!

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