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I have finally finished the demo of my album, Collision. This involved recording and mixing vocals for nine songs in the space of a week, working only in the evenings and overnight. After that, I went to Wales and spent a couple of days in the beautiful Gower area relaxing and recovering int he company of friends. And I needed it, too!

I'm fairly happy with how it sounds, though I still have a list as long as my arm of things I want to tweak or re-record. I am going to be bringing in a few musician friends for the final cut, which won't be for a while now as I am going to get back to my studies: I've been naughty really, indulging myself. But this album was in me and it had to come out.

The excerpts are the first 10 tracks on my player at the moment. You'll find a variety of styles represented, which is par for my course ;)

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Comment by Mike Torr on September 20, 2007 at 1:24pm
Thanks, Chris! I'm going to wait until I have better gear and software before doing the final version. I need to get a more meaty computer and the Producer edition of Sonar (v7 was out yesterday and looks fantastic)...

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