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The Trials and Tribulations of Software Installation...

I've been so busy this summer that I haven't had time to install some new software-
Sonar 6 and NI's Kontakt 2.

No time until yesterday. Sonar 6 installed easily, (as usual for Cakewalk products)
Kontakt 2 was a bit of a fiasco.It's a software/computer based sampler. For many years I had wanted to get an external hardware sampler, like Akai's S5000. I never did, so I was looking forward to using Kontakt 2.
My primary source for orchestral samples had been my Alesis Quadrasynth Plus and a Roland M-OC1 orchestral sound module. ...I needed to join the 21st century.

Installation was a bit tricky. NI has a bizarre protocol for 'activating' the software. My music computer is NOT my internet computer, so I had to transfer special files between my computers and NI's website. I couldn't get it to activate my software, after three hours of effort. So, this morning I phoned their support number in CA and after 45 minutes on hold, I finally got a (good) techie named Vic. Finally I got the product activated.

Then I opened the program and opened a number of orchestral samples. Bad distortion and an combination of different sounds, maybe more than one sample per key. Two hours later I found the fix- went into windows
control panel and disabled my PC's built in synth and also disabled it's internal sound card.

Getting the sampler working required about 8 hours and lots of frustration.

Now that it is working, it looks like it's a good program with many good samples! It's a complex program with a steep learning curve (so far). We'll see how it goes.

If I can, I'll upload a few short MP3s to this forum today. -Doug

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Comment by Neil Bruce on September 18, 2007 at 7:37am
Hi Doug,

Sorry to hear about your problems, like you I am a Sonar and Kontakt user and have suffered due to the NI authorisation fiasco! It is well worth it though, Kontakt is a great piece of software (especially if you like messing with sounds!!).

I would say that it is important to make sure you have downloaded all the latest patches for Sonar (6.2) and Kontakt (2.2.2?) as there were a few bugs in the earlier versions.


All the best,


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