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Is the amount of money you plan to spend on audio and music greater in 2009 than 2008?

9% Yes

27% Staying the same

27% No, less

36% Not sure yet

What projects will be the majority of your work in the coming year?

63% Non-broadcast video

36% TV commercials

9% Feature film

9% Television (series)

54% Internet/multimedia/podcast

9% Radio programs/commercials

9% Other

27% Casual/serious video gaming

In general, what part of your budgets are reserved for music?

0% 10% or more

36% 4-9%

36% 1-3%

27% We don't have a budget for music generally

What is your need for music in projects compared to last year?

27% Greater

54% About the same

0% Less

18% Not sure

What is/are the biggest factor(s) in determining the music you use in a project?

54% Budget limitations

45% Quality of the music

0% Popular/current artist

18% Sounds like something else

9% Other

36% Royalty free usage

Are you pre-clearing music before editing it into a project?

27% Always

36% Sometimes - we deal with that later

0% I have to get permission to use it?

45% Doesn't apply

What kind of music will you use the most this year?

90% Library/stock music

27% Original/custom music

9% Songs by indie artists

0% Songs by major label artists

0% Other

If you use library music, or have done projects with 5.1/7.1 surround audio, would a 'surround sound music and sound effects library' be of use to you?

27% Yes

54% Possibly

18% No

In general, what part of your budgets are reserved for audio post-production services?

0% 10% or more

36% 4-9%

9% 1-3%

54% We try to do as much as possible in house

Which of the following audio post services will you have need of in the coming year for projects?

18% ADR (dialogue replacement)

54% Voiceover/voice actors

27% Live or onsite recording

45% Studio recording/stereo mixdown

9% Studio recording/5.1 mixdown

63% Audio/music editing

63% Sound design/sound effects

18% Mastering

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Comment by Scott W. Hallgren on December 23, 2008 at 10:44am
Thanks guys - to answer your questions, Chris, this was an anonymous poll sent to over 300 film/video/TV/game production & post folks, from which I received 55 responses, and the results are here.

Adrian, you're absolutely correct. We should convene some thoughts before the New Year.....
Comment by Adrian Ellis on December 23, 2008 at 10:01am
Hey Scott,

Excellent insightful stuff - thanks a ton for sharing this valuable information.

This response, as well as all other reports from the industry seem to point to one thing - composers better start strategizing new, effective, sustainable models for doing business. Everything is moving towards 'free'.

How to deal with this reality??

Cheers, and Happy Holidays!

Comment by Chris Merritt on December 23, 2008 at 1:51am
Hey Scott! Can you tell us a little about the people that took this poll? Thanks for showing us this!

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