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May 29, 2011

Today I'm continuing to work on the elec bass part for 'Road Trip', a tune I wrote for a female singer. I'm replacing the existing bass part, which was just a quickly recorded sketch. Hopefully, I'll record the singer in the next week or two...

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Earth, Wind, & Fire!

I just saw Earth Wind & Fire tonight. Excellent! Great solos- trumpet, sax, keys, two different guitarists, numerous percussionists, and great singers. They've got it all. We're talkin' 'fusion'. A fusion of jazz, blues, funk, R&B, and rock. Very tasteful arrangements. People were dancing in the aisles...  :)

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Please- No Story Behind the Music!!

There should not be any story behind the music. A 'story' can change our perception of the music. The music should exist on its own. I don't want to hear that the composition was the result of the author's desperate desire to get a divorce or as a warm tribute to his or her pet kitten, or... A composition should touch on universal emotional reactions, not programs. The only exception might be 'multi-media'… Continue

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Bossa Nova and Post Minimalism and a Pop-ish tune with vocals.

I've always liked John Adams 'Harmonielehre'. How can one NOT like it?

I'll revisit my drawing board, where I'll draw with my ear. I cannot do notation. I'll begin to build a piece that is inspired by Harmonielehre, by creating fragments/phrases that will repeat in overlapping time signatures. There will be sharp/hard elements and…


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