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I wrote a postcard piece today, which is also a 30 second piece. Well, it's thirty seconds if you play it left to right with all the instruments. If you play it per the instructions, it is of infinite length, or until the players have had enough. I've left it full width, so you can read it, but I may have to edit it if that doesn't work.…


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I deleted a couple of things on my SoundCloud, so I could fit on my piano concerto "Chaos". It's not like a normal concerto where it battles with the orchestra. Here it is the engine of the orchestra. It wasn't originally a concerto, but the piano part became so important that I needed to give it solo billing. This is a midi (NotePerformer) version. I've had to approximate some of the free sections and fake the key clicks, but otherwise it is pretty accurate. …


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The Black Pool revisited

I've recently revised (again) my Water entry for the last contest, The Black Pool. Some were disappointed by the ending, and so was I, so I've hopefully made it more interesting. It's also a better playback medium.

I'm also hoping to post my piano concerto, Chaos, as soon as I can free up a little more space on SoundCloud.

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Symphony No 3

I've created a realization of my Symphony No 3 using NotePerformer3, and have uploaded it to SoundCloud for a limited time, since it is 27 min long and is hogging space. If anyone wants to see a score, just ask.

Comments welcome.

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2/16/18 Labyrinth will be performed by the Society for New Music All-Stars in Syracuse, NY. Park Central Presbyterian Church 7:30 pm, and will be recorded for commercial release the following week.

Labyrinth is a semifinalist for The American Prize (Music for Orchestra, professional). I should hear soon whether it is a finalist. There is a 5 minute demo of it on my Soundcloud.…


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Remembering the Night Sky

Remembering the Night Sky

This is a non-printable pdf of the score as requested by Julie Harris. A printable version is available on CreateSpace and Amazon. Feel free to comment. I do plan on making a few small changes before the next performance.

Here is the link to the video again: RNS video

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Remembering the Night Sky and Nørgård

Someone requested that I post some work. Since little is available on YouTube, here is the only piece (aside from an improvisation) that is. ;

This is a video of the premiere of Remembering the Night Sky with Diane Hunger on alto saxophone. Be warned, the video hangs with a couple of minutes left, but the sound continues. (I've never had…


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My Piano Concerto

I've been working on a piece that began for wind ensemble (that had a lot of piano), then it became a piano concerto (with orchestra), since I received a commission for one.

Now I'm back to thinking of it for wind ensemble. That version is probably closer to being finished, as all the added stuff for piano was "extra".

I hope to get through it this spring.

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