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You Tube music lectures

There is a very good You Tube site for classical music lectures. To find site, go to You Tube and enter: Dinu Lapatti lectures in upper search bar. There are about 350 lectures by Prof. Robert Greenberg, San Francisco Conservatory of Music. I have watched few and they are wonderful.

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Should have posted blogs below in Piano Forum

Hello everyone.

I should have posted the three blogs below in the piano forum which I have just joined.

I have not posted anything in a year. I do have a page and have just added more pieces. I compose mainly for piano.

I hope everyone can enjoy the Spring now and perhaps compose also.

A new app for composing music on an Ipad will be available in the Fall from '"Think Music". Music can then be entered into Finale or Sibelius.

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Composer Jan Willhelm Frans Brandts Buys Piano Transcriptions of Schubert Symphonies

The composer lived from 1868-1933 in Salzburg. He is best known today for his comic operettas. Wikipedia has information about him.

I found the transcriptions of Schubert symphonies for piano and could not find any performances of them. I entered music from the score of the second symphony from measures 16-163 into Finale music notation program and had Finale play the score so I could listen to it.

I found his work amazing similar to Liszts's transcriptions of Beethoven…


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Virtual Pianos

There are many virtual pianos. One site that deals with reviews and comparisons is : Virtual Piano Domain. But I do not know if it is current.

2011 seems to be the last date. But is does have in depth information

about many virtual pianos including one from Taiwan called Sound Magic.

Also Piano Penquin site on Youtube compares several virtual pianos

with a Beethoven sample.

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Virtual and Digital pianos

Exciting technology is happening in the virtual and digital piano world.

Virtual and acoustic instruments will always exist side by side I think.

The virtual sounds come from the acoustic anyway and the beauty and

wonder of air vibrating against strings and tubes creates sound that is very complex.

For musicians who cannot have an acoustic piano these instruments offer a way to play and compose with the notation programs and virtual and digital instruments now…


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Virtual Orchestra Improvisation


  I have been  composing piano music for many years using Finale notation program. I love the orchestra and wanted to compose for it, but was unsure of having scores performed and being able to hear it. I recently listened to movements of Beethoven Symphonies played by the Fauxharmonic Orchestra. They have a web site and will play scores using their advanced techniques. It is a commercial enterprise.

  I have begun to try to write orchestral scores with Finale and played…


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Which sounds better, music played by Garritan piano or string orchestra from Finale score?

I am new to the forum. It is wonderful to be able to share music and ideas about music and send it to the World via the computer and internet.
I have been writing music for the piano using Finale. I do not have any acoustic performance of the music yet and have given it only to friends. I would welcome any comments about the music. I am not sure how to upload the music so it can be heard. It is on "my page". If it cannot be played, any suggestions on where to upload it…

Added by William Gordon on December 2, 2010 at 9:00am — 1 Comment

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