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Shady Grove

Shady Grove, my little love,

Shady Grove I say,

Shady Grove, my little love,

I'm bound to go away.

I fell in love with this old American folk song many years ago, in a version by Clarence Ashley, I think. Or maybe Pete Steele. And while still in my early 20's, as a grad student at Wesleyan University (studying Ethnomusicology), I became actually haunted by it and, as is often the case with me, felt almost compelled to respond with music of my own.  I got…


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The single most challenging thing to me as a composer and what I hope to improve the most in my compositions is 'return.' Some of the best music I have heard begins and ends the same way, and often repeats initial themes throughout. Return coheses a piece like nothing else and seems to me to be a key element of  compositional mastery.

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To everyone requesting scores: I'm now offering my scores. Just go to my profile information and find the link URL for the Music Scores list. Each week when I publish a new piece on my free podcast, I'll also email the score to everybody on the list. There's also information in my profile about how to find my free podcast.

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Scott Joplin at 137

At the time I composed this, in 2004, Scott Joplin, the greatest ragtime composer of all time, and a great influence on me, would have been 137 years old if he was still alive. I've taken inspiration from him to compose this piece, which is in a progressive rock style, but with lots of syncopation and motifs inspired by this wonderful American composer. Hope you enjoy!

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Heroes Of The Pituitary, or Stienbeck Country Are We There Yet

Episode 26 The Red Seal

"Shareesh, it's the Seal."

"Oh! Greetings, Mr. Seal - I did not know it was you - a great pleasure, sir!

May-I-put-you-on-hold-sir? - Thank-you!"

The Red Seal's left ear was assaulted instantly by really, really bad music. The Red Seal, the City's preeminent super hero,

waited, listening to 'Tic-Toc-And-The-Time-Bandits'.

"New Deli Delhi Deli - Super heroes for hire, Special this week - 'Tic-Toc-And-The-Time-Bandits'.



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