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Robert Hunter
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Larry Elliott left a comment for Robert Hunter
"Greetings Robert, Your music is very sensitive and well written. Thanks so much for sharing. Very best, Larry Elliott"
Jun 27, 2016
Robert Hunter replied to Alexey Arkhipenko's discussion Music software video tutorials
"Thanks Alexey. These are very helpful."
Jan 10, 2015
Robert Hunter replied to gilbert engle's discussion virtual band with Sibelius and sound libraries
"Hi Gilbert: I'd be interested. I currently use Sibelius for writing and playback and would be interested in any tips and tricks you might have to make playback sound better. I use East-West with Sibelius but am considering others like VSL and…"
Dec 31, 2014
Robert Hunter replied to Wesley Lawrence Curry II's discussion Name a composer of symphonies ALIVE TODAY in 10 seconds or less……..ready…….GO!
"Eric Whitacre Christopher Theofanidis ...are a couple of my favorites..."
Aug 29, 2014
Robert Hunter replied to T.T. Gaudynski's discussion The Forum Made Me Do It!
"Hi TT: I really enjoyed listening to this piece. I agree with Gav about the sitar feel. Meditative almost. Interesting mix of instruments and style. A harmonica would have really sent it over the edge for envisioning the cattle. Thanks for writing…"
Aug 1, 2014
Gisela Paterno left a comment for Robert Hunter
"Hi Robert!                  Thank you so much for you comment!!! I feel very happy I could inspire you. The technique I used was counterpoint in Renaissance style. It's an amazing technique to…"
Oct 10, 2013
Robert Hunter replied to Tyler Hughes's discussion Symptoms of a Bigger Problem
"There's a number of factors at work, all colliding in a somewhat "perfect storm" situation.   First factor, we have the current business model of symphony orchestras, which are typically non-profit organizations relying on both…"
Oct 5, 2013
Robert Lipfriend left a comment for Robert Hunter
"Hi thanks for your kind words... have a couple of new tracks up for your enjoyment. Been enjoying your stuff too! More soon."
Sep 22, 2012
Cailyn Lloyd left a comment for Robert Hunter
"Thank you!  I hope you will give a listen and tell me what you think sometime.  Just listening to your Fantasy for the Pink Piano (the title caught my eye).  Very very nice!  Love the various moods you evoke in this piece."
Jun 16, 2012
Robert Hunter left a comment for Emily Miller Bond
"Hi Emily: I just listened to "Lament" and love it! Gorgeous harmonic textures in a very picturesque setting. I'll listen to it more over the weekend and give you more in-depth feedback.Good work! A beautiful piece. Bob Hunter"
May 6, 2011
Robert Hunter left a comment for Chris Merritt
"Hi Chris: I just wanted to let you know how much I've enjoyed listening to your song "One Torch". I think you have a hit in that one. I played it for my 13 year old son a couple of weeks ago and he's been listening to it…"
May 6, 2011
Cari Live left a comment for Robert Hunter
"Robert, Thank you for listening! I'm a little nervous being here, as I don't feel like a composer in the traditional sense. My background as a classically trained flutist with symphony orchestras does influence my music, but the rest comes…"
Mar 25, 2011
tony hartmann left a comment for Robert Hunter
"Hey Robert, Got a chance to hear your S2M1 piece.  Even over one inch speakers it is a good listen.  Particularly like the rhythm figures and spirited instrument combinations.  Looking forward to run the list as I can during the rest…"
Mar 24, 2011
Simon Godden left a comment for Robert Hunter
"Thanks Robert.  I'm glad you like the Finale.  If you are possibly intrigued by it, you might find a lot of questions answered in the previous 3 movements.  With reference to the EW Samples, I'm making good use of them now,…"
Mar 21, 2011
Emily Miller Bond left a comment for Robert Hunter
"Hi Robert - I'm listening to "Not Rest In" and love the restless back and forth between all the instruments and the recurring pulsing theme which serves to unify this very well-written piece.  Where did you learn to orchestrate?…"
Mar 18, 2011
Robert Hunter left a comment for Anita Andreis
"Great music! I love "Your Irresistible Smile" and have passed it on to several friends, who all love it also."
Feb 20, 2011

Profile Information

What have you composed for? Or what medium do you work around?
What is your favorite genre or style of music?
No favorite genre, but particularly like music similar to Copland's Concerto for piano and orchestra. Vaughn Williams also a favorite. Current favorites: Eric Whitacre's "October" & "Equus", John Adam's "Hallelujah Junction", Elena Kats-Chernin's "Piano Concerto II", Karl Jenkin's "Stella Natalis" and Steve Reich's "Desert Music"
Is music your main income source?
No - Not at all.
Where do you live?
Bolinas, California - a beautiful yet odd town next to the Sea
About Me (Must include biographical information about you as a composer):
I learned about music from classes with Helen Keaney in Boston.Typically get up at 5AM to write music for a couple of hours, then head off to my "day job" where I manage a large architectural office in San Francisco.

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At 1:30pm on June 27, 2016, Larry Elliott said…

Greetings Robert,

Your music is very sensitive and well written. Thanks so much for sharing.

Very best,

Larry Elliott

At 1:56pm on October 12, 2014, Ray said…
Yes, things are good this end. I'm busy with my day job so I get little time to compose but I satisfy my music passion studying and learning more about mastering audio. It takes relatively little time to do. Now, mixing audio is a different proposition as it does need time and lots of it.
At 1:21pm on October 12, 2014, Ray said…

Hi Robert,

Nice job on Mr Peabody. The mix isn't so good because there seems little connection in space between left and right channels but never the less I like the music.


At 9:40pm on April 21, 2014, T.T. Gaudynski said…

Hello - Glad that you enjoyed the recording.  Glad more-so that the feedback helped you decide that it was not a waste time to write and post the composition.  It really is a lovely piece that you came up with and Im sure that Im not the only person who enjoyed it (I recall that Mr. Zinos gave the piece a few nice words in his comments).

My own sense on composing is that I do it because I enjoy the process of creating and structuring music and I enjoy listening to the results.  I decided to post my stuff on the off chance that there may be other folks out there who may enjoy it as well.  If there are, wonderful.  If there aren't, nothing lost because I still enjoy creating it and listening to it myself. 

Your music had actually caught my attention before the contest likely because we seem to share some of the same musical influences (Copland and Reich).  I was not too surprised to learn that A&O was your piece.    

Regarding the mando,I stopped playing about a year and a half ago after being a member of the Milwaukee Mandolin Orchestra for about 20 years.   The Orchestra is wonderful - if your'e curious, just do a YouTube search on "Milwaukee Mandolin Orchestra."  After 20 years, however, the repertoire wore a bit thin for me.  The Orchestra, for the most part, plays music from the very early 20th Century - rags, fox trots, marches, light classical etc.  Lovely music, but not the most challenging or engaging.   I had been offering for years to work up a mando orchestra arrangement of Igor Stravinsky's Tango for piano.  That was a little too "modern" for groups tastes however.

Thanks again for sharing your music and keep at it.  I look forward to hearing more.  All the best - Thomas Gaudynski   (I use my initials on the site rather than my full first name because oddly enough I am not the only Thomas Gaudynski in Milwaukee who plays music and composes.  The other Thomas Gaudynski from Milwaukee is a sound/performance artists whose work is more experimental and improvisational than mine.  Even though we have a few musical friends in common, weve never met.  Small world, but not that small I guess). 

At 2:26pm on April 20, 2014, T.T. Gaudynski said…

Greetings from Milwaukee.  Ive taken a few listens to the pieces you have posted and I  enjoy your music very much.  I was quite impressed by your submission in the recent Two Part Invention contest.  In addition to being quite melodic and musical, yours was one of the few pieces that did not simply attempt to do a Bach imitation.   Your piece actually inspired me to do something I have not done for more than a year; I dug out my mandolins and started practicing.   I thought that Apple and Oranges would sit very nicely on the mandolin so out of curiosity, I recorded the piece as a duet for mandolin and octave mandolin.   The finished product is attached.  Im by no means a pro, nor am I the most expressive player, in the world, but I thought you might be interested in how the piece sounds on mandolin.  I did modify the bass part just a bit (raised a few measures up an octave) simply to keep the part within the "sweet spot" for the octave mando.  Other than that, I attempted to play the piece as written.  Thank you for sharing your wonderful music.   I look forward to hearing more of your work posted!        Apples and Oranges by Robert Hunter.mp3

At 4:35pm on January 7, 2013, Emily Miller Bond said…

Robert, once again you display your incredible talent for back and forth themes thrown around in different instruments.  This is truly one of your best, from the beautiful opening chords to the passage through many moods and the depth and quality of your instrumentation.  Love it!  What are you using by the way?

At 8:06am on January 7, 2013, Gordon Francis Blaney Jr. said…

Quite excellent music. Being a manager of a architectural office, your abilities as architect and manager must perform a role in your life as a composer, because your music appears to be well-engineered and well-manged.

At 3:41pm on September 22, 2012, Robert Lipfriend said…

Hi thanks for your kind words... have a couple of new tracks up for your enjoyment.

Been enjoying your stuff too! More soon.

At 12:39am on June 16, 2012, Cailyn Lloyd said…

Thank you!  I hope you will give a listen and tell me what you think sometime.  Just listening to your Fantasy for the Pink Piano (the title caught my eye).  Very very nice!  Love the various moods you evoke in this piece.

At 12:10pm on May 7, 2012, Jorgi 'Canaeus' D'hondt said…

Hey Robert, thanks for your comment! I'm really glad you enjoyed my music. I'm only a beginner and only rarely get some feedback. So yours is much appreciated!!!

Yes, my profile pic is a photoshopped painting, originally of an English admiral. Thought it would be fun to replace his head with mine :-D


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