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Riccardo Zanoner
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    Il mio Natale (ritornello)
  • 3.
    Il mio Natale (1st strophe)
  • 4.
    Il mio Natale (2nd riff)
  • 5.
    Robot dad 1
  • 6.
    Robot dad 2
  • 7.
    Robot dad 3
  • 8.
    Olmo bike radio spot
  • 9.
    Just old books cutted
  • 10.
    Just old books
  • 11.
    Jupiter's eye
  • 12.
  • 13.
    Acqua nel mezzo (Water in the middle)
  • 14.
  • 15.
    criminal mind
  • 16.
    La locanda (The inn)
  • 17.
    Svegliami (Wake up me)
  • 18.
    Fato (Fate)
  • 19.
    Castello di carte (Castle of cards)
  • 20.
    trying a drumkit, maybe a cue
  • 21.
    il mio canto remixed

Riccardo Zanoner's Page

Profile Information

What have you composed for? Or what medium do you work around?
Film, Television, Multimedia, Orchestra, Small Ensemble, Songs
What is your favorite genre or style of music?
symphonic and pop/rock
Is music your main income source?
No - Not Yet
Where do you live?
Genova, Italy
About Me (Must include at least one paragraph of biographical information about you as a composer) - blank or minimal answers on this line will cause your request to be rejected. Include a link to your website if you have one.
I have studied violin for three years when I was 13 y.o. Then I began to play with a rock band for 13 years. I leaved the band since 2001, but now I need to write...
My personal studio is provided with a Korg M1 workstation, Cubase Se3, Vienna Simphonic library special edition standard, GigaStudio 3 and other iteresting drums and sounds library...

Riccardo Zanoner

Author Notes

About "Gioco"
- Riccardo Zanoner (me) as composer, player of any V.Instruments and added second voice;
- Luca Zanoner at E. guitars;
- Massimiliano Carta as Lead Voice;

- cubase 6.5;
- Gladiator II (Best service) for pad and arpeggiator synthetizers;
- Vir2 VI One (Big fish) for Hammond E. Organs;
- Vienna Symphonic library estended (standard edition);
- Toontrack EzDrummer (standartd) for V.Drum

This is the first song I composed for the short movie of "Papavero rosso" project..
I wrote three pieces for this work and this is the first one. I must thank you Massimiliano Carta who singed the song last summer (2012) and my brother Luca who played the guitars (epecially for the final canon in three guitars..). 

About "Robot dad" (Animatics Short by Elizabeth Michaels)

- cubase 6.5
- Native Instruments N.Y. grand
- Vienna Symphonic library estended (standard edition);
- Toontrack EzDrummer (jazz drum kit)

First of all, I'l like to thank Ms Elizabeth Michaels who created this short movie for give me the possibility to realize this soundtrack.
When I saw this short I begun to study for the right mokup of the ensamble. I saw my-self "it has to play classic and rithmic... it has to be jazzy and classic".
So I tried to check for some character in music. I had three characters: Dad, daughter and of course the Robot...
For each of these charatcers I searched a line to define actions on personality. So here it is what I found:

  • Dad works ever. Productivity and careers seems to be the main goal for this man. Of course He loves his daughter but he has to work, more and more...
    For this character I used a Jazz orchestra ensamble. Rithm and brasses...
  • Tammy (daughter). She likes to play. She'd like to play with her father, but he is ever busy...

    For her I used a flute line to underline the sweet aspect of this child.
  • The Robot. It's a "toy". It could be the "robot version of dad". For this character I used the line of "Fun". This is an Orchestral theme which change it-self going to become distructive.

I divided the soundtrack in 3 tracks for better listening, but you can watch the intere short



About "Fato", "Svegliami" and "Castello di carte"
All tracks are included into "Anime rapite" album which we recorded on 1992 in Ventimiglia (IM) Italy.
I think it should be fine to introduce all members of the band who played these songs:
- Massimiliano Carta (voice and words author)
- Massimiliano Martinez (E. Bass)
- Massimiliano Maggiari (E. Guitar)
- Roberto Sanna (Drum)
- Riccardo Zanoner (Keyboards)

I played in "Full stop" band for 13 years and many components are changed. In this range of time I met many people and I learn to respect all ideas because many time I'm wrong...

I'll post some picture of some our live stage... (If I'll find it)

About "just old books"
- Cubase se3
- Vienna Symphonic library estended (standard edition);

Well, this piece is born like an experiment. Initlially I used a very litle ensamble mainly for two reasons.
First off, I used the organic required for the 2009 Petrassi's competition. Second, I had to understand my new symphonic library. How many of you knows, A virtual instrument give you many articulations for every instrument, so it's necessary to work a lot to find the better sound in according with what you wrote before. In fact, I always write my score at all before perform the sequenced version. I like to evaluate each instrument in according to each other.

How I wrote now, I began with the organic of Petrassi's competition. In the competition required a sound-track for a short ten minutes movie. Just for exercise, I used the begin of "the nine gate" and I rewrote the introducing soundtrack.
The movie begin with a death of a man, so I used timpani (like bells) to give the athmosphere of death and mistery...

Here you can watch the soundtrack in 'action'

About "inn"

- cubase se3
- Vir2 VI One (Big fish)
- Vienna Symphonic library estended (standard edition);

Yes, I know, I have many problems to make a good mixdown, so the orchestral section have a not a good volume. I'll try some other mixing.
Overmore, I think I have to work a lot on brass writing...

About "Criminal mind"
- Cubase Se3
- Vir VI One (Big fish)
- Best Service Gladiator 2 (My brand new synth)

Well, This is just a 10 minutes library trying. The result is like a fiction movie "Criminal minds" (or csi, or law and order, or....) so I decided this title. It's very easy to get a great effect result with great sounds...

About "Crucifixion"

agony of a dying victim

- cubase se3
- Vienna Symphonic library estended (standard edition);

works in progress...

There is a limit on everything. When you use your own time to help someone, when you need to give

all of you for somethimg. It seems a good thing, isn't it?
Well, I recently saw it. I saw a cross on a stiff became bigger and bigger, and all the people who

should be fiendly become severe audience.
So, I understood what Crucifixion really is: It's not a religious problem, but the human limit to

thinking weak who sacrify himself for us.

"Agony of a dying victim" is a little open project which follow all the steps of the Christian

religion: There is a "via crucis", a crucifixion and the agony until death.
But, it should be a mistake to think about it just like a religiuos theme because many many

persons has their own cross. The way go always up and people watch the show.

I'd like to dedicate this jobs to my wife and to all courageous people which bring a cross

although everithing.

For now I'm still working on first movment: Via Crucis
Basically is a canone, poco andante. The main loop begin with violins solo, after that the loop

will be play by violas and after by cellos. The volume will grow like the weight of the cross,
step by step...

About "OLMO bike radio spot"

Wow, a radio spot for a bycicle! Yeah, I wrote this radio spot on one-day of work.

- cubase studio 6.5
- Vienna Symphonic library estended (standard edition);
- Ez-drummer (pop/rock drum set)
- Scarbee MM-Bass
- Steinberg Wavelab lite
- Zoom H2 mic

I wrote the text of the spot and recorded it by me-self with Zoom H2 mic (16bit-44100Hz). Then, I splitted the wav prhases by Wavelab-lite.
I started on my cubase 5.5 with vox track, so I played a simple line of piano plus glockenspiel at unisono.
Everything else it's gone by itself.
This is the instrument list I used for:
- Piano (VI One)
- Glockenspiel (VI One)
- Drum (Ez drummer)
- E. Bass (Scarbee MM amped bass "hard")
- Strings (Vienna VSL standard lib: violins, violas, cellos, db)
- Voice (me recorded on Zoom H2)

- Guitars (ibanez SZR520) played by myself

(I changed  the guitars originally played with a Virtual instrument, with a new recording played by myself in october, 23th 2012 on a real guitar...much better).

About "Il mio Natale"

This is my Christmas' song. I decided to share just little pieces from this track, but I hope you can apreciate the idea.I wrote this song for the students of the primary school where my wife works. This is my first song for kids, but I was so happy for the result so I recorded this version.

I have to thank all the boys and girls of Arkansin young vocal ensamble of Genoa, Vera Marenco who has prepared and directed the choir and Violetta Ghersina: the solo voice.

We recorded at ZeroDieci studios of Genoa (Italy) on february 19th, 2011


About "bRio"

This is my song for 20th century fox contest (Italian) animation movie "Rio".

Like many other composers I studied characters and situations, writing text, score, playing all music part, conducting singer and making the post prod. as better as I can. Yes! Of course I vote for my song, but many other track on contest was really good. At the end won a track with no relationship with any character or situation in the movie. Here, in Italy we are too much used to say "Hey we are in Italy" (and this means "It's normal for us to be corrupted...this is the Italian regim").

However, I like very much this happy track, so I'm proud to share this with all of you.

Thank you,


About "Jupiter's eye"

This piece born like a shot for Wreckamovie documentary

I love Astronomy and when I saw the 3dss production about the solar system I thought: Jupiter!

- Cubase 6.5
- Vienna Symphonic library
- Bestservice (Tone2) Gladiator II
- NI New York concert grand piano
- Steinberg Padshop I
- Toontrack EzDrummer

Jupiter is not a quite Planet. It's stormy there, So I thought about something great and animated. Moreover, the required music was about electronic and arpeggied lines. In according with specs I used synths but no arpeggiator, in fact I preferred the use of step filter on synth and drums, to give motion to the music without banality.

At the same time, I used orchestration to play the themes because I really like Holst.

The music is structured like a song to give time to the speaker. I think this structure could be smart to have the maximum result of content and effect



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At 12:42am on May 6, 2011, Chris Dargay said…
Svegliami is sweet.
At 12:41am on May 6, 2011, Chris Dargay said…
Cool works!

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