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Martha Maria / Dogwood Daughter
  • Female
  • Oak Ridge, Tn
  • United States
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  • 1.
    Transcendent Gift
  • 2.
    Goodnight Song, writer Martha Maria
  • 3.
    Dancing Bear ( Animal Dances for Vintage Piano) writer Martha Maria
  • 4.
    The Cricket's Song, writer Martha Maria
  • 5.
    Sailing, writer Martha Maria
  • 6.
    The Story In Your Eyes, writer Martha Maria
  • 7.
    Roll On Titan Thunder, writers Dan Gold and Martha Maria
  • 8.
    Distance, writer Martha Maria
  • 9.
    UnCharted Wonderland, writer Martha Maria
  • 10.
    The Spotted Pony, writer Martha Maria
  • 11.
    Let's Get Lost in the Woods, writer Martha Maria
  • 12.
    It's Gonna Snow All Night, writer Martha Maria
  • 13.
    Spanish Ladies, writer Martha Maria
  • 14.
    Tender Tuesday, writer Martha Maria
  • 15.
    First Monday (writer Martha Maria)
  • 16.
    When I was a Girl, When You were a Boy_Piano Solo
  • 17.
    The Last Twilight, writer Martha Maria
  • 18.
    Ants At the Picnic (Animal Dances for Vintage Piano) Martha MaRIA
  • 19.
    Just Another Wednesday
  • 20.
    I Could Bench Press A Buick, writer Martha Maria
  • 21.
    Like Innocence Gone Away, writer Martha Maria
  • 22.
    Free Tibet
  • 23.
    Waiting for Spring, writer Martha Maria
  • 24.
    Flashlight Tag at Nakanawa, writer Martha Maria
  • 25.
    Saturday Morning, Knoxville, Tennessee
  • 26.
    Life Is Like A Rodeo, writer Martha Maria
  • 27.
    Blood of My Blood, writer Martha Maria
  • 28.
    Winter on Roane Mountain, writer Martha Maria
  • 29.
    Forgotten by Martha Maria
  • 30.
    New River, writer Martha Maria
  • 31.
    Mrs. Brandon's LLama Farm, writer Martha Maria
  • 32.
    From Yawning Chaos by Martha Maria
  • 33.
    Fleeting, writer Martha Maria
  • 34.
    Hiroshima, My Love
  • 35.
    The Old Slave Cemetery, writer Martha Maria
  • 36.
    Relentless, writer Martha Maria
  • 37.
    He Laid His Body Down, writer Martha Maria

Martha Maria / Dogwood Daughter's Page

Profile Information

What have you composed for? Or what medium do you work around?
Web, Songs, Other, web
What is your favorite genre or style of music?
I like it all!
Is music your main income source?
No - Not at all.
Where do you live?
Oak Ridge, Tenn., U.S.A.
About Me (Must include at least one paragraph of biographical information about you as a composer) - blank or minimal answers on this line will cause your request to be rejected. Include a link to your website if you have one.
Hello to All,
I'm Martha Maria, singer/songwriter, musician/composer and multi-instrumentalist. I write in many genres....pop, country, classical, New Age, folk/Americana, Christian, and musicals. I record secular music as MarMelodian and Christian/spiritual music as Dogwood Daughter. I also am a video producer. Please look for the MarMelodian channel on YouTube.

NOTE: I welcome inquiries from other artists, agencies, etc. about recording my songs or using my work.

I live in Oak Ridge, Tennessee, U.S.A. in a little white house in the woods. That's where I write and record most of my music. I'm wife to Bob, mother to Joe and Walker, and sister to Anita.

I've posted a variety of music here---all female vocals are mine and nearly all instrumentals are also me. Sailing and Life is Like A Rodeo are sung by Gary Carter, Nashville, Tn. Also, I am singing Free Tibet, but I had some terrific studio musicians playing with me in Nashville.
Oh, and Roll on Titan Thunder was written with Dan Gold in Nashville and recorded by Ronnie Godfrey (Marshall Tucker Band) and the Roll on Titan Thunder band (Yea, Tennessee Titan football and that would be I playing keys on the record!)

Thanks to all who have joined this site. I'm delighted to have found it and have already met some VERY TALENTED AND INTERESTING composers I would never have known otherwise. I really look forward to meeting many of you!! Thanks. Martha Maria
Website: and

MarMelodian is on iTunes


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At 10:58pm on December 15, 2011, Mikolaj Holowko said…

Cool :) Certainly there is an celtic blood in your vains ;)

My uncle is a lover and a composer himself of scottish and celtic music, and has got many friends that dig it too :)

At 7:15pm on December 15, 2011, Mikolaj Holowko said…

Fantastic stuff! :) Will forward to my uncle as he loves celtic music :)

At 9:14pm on September 1, 2011, Fernando said…

Thanks Martha...and you're right as far today's terms are concerned, ballads are usually referred to as slow musical pieces with defined lyrical qualities...however, it was not always that way...the early and late romantics developed this style as a  one-movement musical piece also with lyrical and dramatic narrative qualities, however, they were highly recognized as well for their emphasis in musical freedom and virtuosity....The term "ballade" was associated with French poetry until the mid-19th century, when Chopin was among the first to pioneer the ballade as a musical form...I know you would find some particular appreciation for them....I recommend the Chopin Gminor Ballade or the Eb major....they are absolutely outstanding example below...I would recommend hearing it in its entirety to capture all its poetry

Anyhow, I want to thank you as always for your insightful appreciation of my music...

At 8:45am on June 18, 2011, William Staab said…

Hi Martha,

   Thanks for the contact here!




At 11:59am on May 15, 2011, Timothy Lee Miller said…

Hi Martha,


My sister's name is Kym Afong. She teaches in one of the elementary schools there, and her husband, Scott works at ORNL. We grew up in East Knoxville, but each of us has lived literally all over this country.


Thanks for checking out my website. I appreciate the comments as well. 




At 8:36pm on May 12, 2011, Timothy Lee Miller said…



A pleasure to meet you. My sister lives in Oak Ridge. I, of course, grew up in Knoxville. I enjoyed listening to your music . . . very enchanting!



At 2:33am on March 2, 2011, Christopher John Ulrich Burke said…
Dear Martha.

Put that up as a surprise for you, glad you found it! Hadn't written much solo piano music before, so it was a challenge for me to see if I could do it or not. I'll try another one now you've liked that one.

When I was young, I used to buy records for their B-sides. I had a whole collection of records, some hits, many not, but I didn't buy them for the A-sides, I bought them because I played the B-sides on jukeboxes in cafes and found them so much more interesting. And I used to love the great old orchestras like James Last, Mantovani, Ron Goodwin, Frank Chacksfield.... That's not showing my age, I was about 8 when I first heard them on a BBC Radio station, Radio 2, and I was addicted to them after that - all the other kids were buying rock'n'roll, I was buying orchestras from charitiy shops!

As far as Scarlatti goes - there's no intentional similarity but I'm glad it reminded you of something listenable. If it had made you think of 'Faerie's Air and Death Waltz', for example, I'd've had to do a serious rethink (would you believe that that John Stump piece has actually been played and there's a video of it on YouTube!)

Thanks for liking it, once again. I'll try a couple more for you.

Yours respectfully

At 10:12pm on February 28, 2011, Christopher John Ulrich Burke said…

Dear Martha.

Having you listen to it is reason enough for writing it.

It's my lovely Mini Erhu VST. And the banjo-y thing lateron is a DSK Dobro.(DSK World Strings). It's the first thing I've ever managed to mix properly, because of technical things I didn't understand with my software (I'm not THAT geeky on music software! Any other kind - for sure.) Now, I can use up to 8 sounds at once and mix them - to a point, am having proper lessons soon. 

Thanks for liking the tune - I'm SO touched that you've listened to it. It's the only one I've put up because it's the only one I've thought worthy of putting up - am writing more to put up right now!


Thanks for liking it - I'm really happy you do.


Yours respectfully



At 5:11pm on February 26, 2011, Justin Crosby said…

No worries. And yes, the marketing side of things id the hardest and least pleasant part for me as well. Hopefully at some point in the near future you (as well as myself) find an agent that helps handle that side.



At 6:09pm on February 24, 2011, Christopher John Ulrich Burke said…

That oversized para. apart, I really think you should submit your tracks to Solo Piano Radio. They're SUCH a refreshing change to the arpeggiated pretentious waffle that that site increasingly consists of. You'd be a real breath of fresh air to them all, you know.


One last thing that fascinates me - why did you think my name was John? All through my life, everyone who's gotten my name wrong has either called me John (which is my 3rd name) or David (which is my father's name). More than a little strange, that. 


Sorry this E-mail's backwards - I had to chop it into sections to get past the size barrier.


Yours respectfully


ulrichburke (a.k.a. Chris in real life, the 'ulrichburke' bit is my last two names stuck together!)

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