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Greg Brus's Discussions

A little piece of HELL! (orchestra & things)

Started this discussion. Last reply by Ray Kemp Sep 23, 2016. 5 Replies

Hi there,This little doodle was supposed to be a part of a larger whole, then it was supposed to be left alone until Halloween for the sake of relevance, or possibly the annual VA contest... then I…Continue

Working title: Plains 01

Started this discussion. Last reply by H. S. Teoh Jun 20, 2016. 5 Replies

Hello,here's a thing I've been doodling with in the past few days. The primary goal with this piece was to create something that's very, very slow, and doesn't involve cheating (making the background…Continue

Just a fugue

Started this discussion. Last reply by Bob Porter Jun 22, 2015. 7 Replies

We have a counterpoint class this year where we are supposed to write lots of fugues. A few turned out pretty well so I thought I might as well share here.Score included.Continue

A Short Tale of Chivalry (Symphonic Suite) - score + mockup

Started this discussion. Last reply by Tim Marko Aug 14, 2014. 10 Replies

Hey there. Recently I've been working on a somewhat easily accessible video game-ish / film music suite for orchestra, to be performed by a local youth orchestra at a concert in late September. If we…Continue


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Latest Activity

Greg Brus replied to Charley Hankins's discussion Very short piece for viola and cello
"That last double stop for cello is still as impossible as it was in the first iteration of the score. You could leave the cello on the low E, and give the G# to the viola instead (get rid of the B and keep it a double stop; the sound will still be…"
12 hours ago
Greg Brus replied to Ingo Lee's discussion How can I learn to write atonal music?
"Music may be a branch of physics but tonal harmony is merely an invention, much like, say, the wheel. It has been incredibly useful over the ages (and continues to be), but after countless years of experimentantion we have managed to come up with…"
Mar 14
Greg Brus replied to Brandon Schwab's discussion Blastoff - Brandon Schwab
"I can't help but imagine the woodwind choir going purple in the face before they're even halfway through the piece. Let them breathe! Question about keys notation. Where I have been taught, it is considered good practice, for some reason I…"
Mar 6
Greg Brus replied to Ethan Moore's discussion Real metric modulation?
"Okay, it really seems as simple as it sounds. I suspected that when you said "no tempo change", what you really had in mind was "no change to the time length of the measure" (so that the spacing of "one" beats remains…"
Jan 18
Greg Brus replied to Ethan Moore's discussion Real metric modulation?
"Do you have any example in already existing music for what you have in mind? I have a feeling I get what you're trying to say (and the way you're saying it feels a bit confusing, actually), but want to confirm with some listening if you…"
Jan 16
Greg Brus replied to Dave Dexter's discussion Adding orchestral score to Harry Potter - Voldemort & Dumbledore's duel
"I watched a few more times. Yeah, I think there is *some* foreboding there... but the chord change at 0:14 kills it! This one screams "we are on an adventure here folks" to my ears. As for references, I didn't have anything in…"
Jan 5
Greg Brus replied to Dave Dexter's discussion Adding orchestral score to Harry Potter - Voldemort & Dumbledore's duel
"My first thoughts were: "but they aren't fighting outside in the sun" and "where are the dragons?". Too exciting and not enough foreboding, methinks. Second half is excellent, though - the way the music fades sort of…"
Jan 5
Greg Brus replied to Bob Forrest's discussion volume control
"Yeah, the sync in the link you provided is okay. I wanted to listen to the broken version too, which you said is listed on the channel as well, but I couldn't find it (I expect it's set to private or some such). If you have a tempo change…"
Dec 8, 2017
Greg Brus replied to Bob Forrest's discussion volume control
"Do you get the synchronisation errors inside Finale as well, or only after you've exported the tracks?"
Dec 7, 2017
Greg Brus replied to Gav Brown's discussion Toy Boat
"As a sometime-conductor, I disagree with the other conductor :) actually, no, this is all true, but one thing comes to mind. We are looking at a solo piano score. For any bigger ensemble, the ease of achieving consistency between players has to take…"
Dec 4, 2017
Greg Brus replied to Gav Brown's discussion Toy Boat
"What's the point of writing 3/8+5/8 if you can just write C (or 8/8, heh) and mark phrasing with slurs or an accent? Especially if it's just a single bar. The same can be said for the 1/4+9/8 one - move the quarter to previous bar, turning…"
Dec 4, 2017
Greg Brus replied to Dominic Amlot's discussion Guitar Quarter Tone Notation
"If it's all sharps, it's understandable enough (assuming the player knows quarter tone notation, which probably isn't a given for guitarists). Personally I'm leaning towards questioning the practicality of the idea, to be honest.…"
Nov 28, 2017
Greg Brus replied to Dominic Amlot's discussion Guitar Quarter Tone Notation
"You can't really bend down, though (unless you want to do it with tuning pegs, and that's kind of insane IMO)."
Nov 28, 2017
Greg Brus replied to Julie Harris's discussion Double, Triple and Quadruple Stops
"I agree. It would be consistent with the chord before, too. Powerful sustained low end in both."
Nov 21, 2017
Greg Brus replied to Julie Harris's discussion Double, Triple and Quadruple Stops
"In my example, all the arpeggiated notes except the low D in Vln 2 second chord are open strings, they will resonate nicely for a bit while the performers sustain the upper ones. I suppose you could ditch the tie and the note in the second bar of…"
Nov 21, 2017
Greg Brus replied to Julie Harris's discussion Double, Triple and Quadruple Stops
"Actually I went ahead and fixed the entirety of the last 4 measures for you, keeping all the notes intact (heck I even added some, for more fwoosh): (note: Viola is in violin clef as per the score you provided; I think it's silly but I stuck to…"
Nov 20, 2017

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What have you composed for? Or what medium do you work around?
Film, Multimedia, Orchestra, Small Ensemble, Big Ensemble, Songs, Contemporary Ensembles, Other
What is your favorite genre or style of music?
latin jazz, some movie scores, spectral music
Is music your main income source?
Where do you live?
About Me (Must include at least one paragraph of biographical information about you as a composer) - blank or minimal answers on this line will cause your request to be rejected. Include a link to your website if you have one.
Currently: performing as a pianist, learning voice, leading a choir. Composition has been pushed onto the "To Do" list for when there is both excess time and motivation. It has become a rather long list at this point, though.

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At 3:58am on August 19, 2014, SEDstar said…

If march of the damned was leading into another piece? I find myself wondering... How powerful and explosive would THAT piece be, if this is the intro? Sort of thing that makes you shiver, wondering.

At 3:55am on August 19, 2014, SEDstar said…

Hi Mr Bros...

I never forgot your advice, for me to try 5/4 time for something different? I am not here much, but, when I popped in just now... I HAD to listen to a piece of yours... After all, this is the guy that I remembered "sounded like Holst" after all..

March of the damned...I REALLY LIKed it. it has a number of "things" I like in music. Heavy sound, ominous. I liked the "tension" around 1:10 or 1:20 or so... Overall, it gives you the sense of something big and heavy, rolling, and it can't be stopped.


At 1:18am on January 8, 2014, Lassi Tani said…

I'm listening to your music again and again. It's really great!

At 4:41pm on November 19, 2013, Zak Rahman said…

I really like your work. A lot of people have commented on it, but "The Merchant's Refuge" in particular is superb.

At 11:40pm on August 3, 2013, Jason N. said…

hey Greg...Trololol

At 7:45am on July 15, 2013, Tim Marko said…

Ii just listened to your "Merchants Refuge".  I really like the percussion ostinato you have.  It set a great mood for the entire piece.  The whole piece was very well done!

At 3:35pm on October 12, 2010, SEDstar said…
I owe you a deep debt of gratitude, Mr. Brus...

you seemingly simple suggestion to try writing a piece in 5/4 time? Well, thanks. It allowed me to get lucky and make the first "big" piece i ever made in my life. Thank you so much... what was that other time signature you reccomended? 7/8 ? next time around I'll play with that one... THANKS!

MAN, whatever it is these polish music schools are doing, they need to show the rest of the world how they run their schools... you are amazing...
At 10:05am on October 12, 2010, SEDstar said…
Wow... is that you playing the piano? Its *really good*. If you programmed it, I'm just as amazed... it sounds beautiful.

Your first composition, sounde impressive to me... i think this is you playing the piano, and its impressive... I can only think its a combination of talent, long work, education...

... and if you ever compose big film scores here in the states? I dont want any money... but I would rather enjoy being allowed to sip an apple martini at the poolside, everyone wondering why I'm there, lol...

I'm impressed.
At 1:25am on October 5, 2010, SEDstar said…
Hello,Mr. Brus... or, as I think of you "Holst Jr", heh heh

If you click around on "My page" or the quick-add menu stuff... you can add some of your own tracks to your MyPage here. That way when someone comes here after clicking on your picture, they can hear a few pieces your working on... typically, they will leave you a line or two worth of comment...

Your composition was a joy to listen to, very thrilling.
At 8:05am on September 30, 2010, Tyler Hughes said…
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