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Carlos da Silveira
  • Male
  • Montevideo
  • Uruguay
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    27 de Junio de 1973
  • 3.
    Madre e Hija
  • 4.
    14 Delación
  • 5.
    01 Elisa
  • 6.
    11 Plan B
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    05 Vida de Quilombo

Carlos da Silveira

Profile Information

What have you composed for? Or what medium do you work around?
film, television, web, Small Ensemble, Contemporary Ensembles, Other
What is your favorite genre or style of music?
Anything that moves me
Is music your main income source?
Where do you live?
Montevideo, Uruguay


I´ve posted three pieces I composed this year for a film. I´d like you to comment them. They were played by a small ensemble of Double Bass, Cello, Viola, Violin, 1 or 2 Flutes, Piano and Bandoneón. Hope you like them.

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At 11:37am on June 23, 2009, Marie-Anne Fischer said…
Thank you for your kind comments. I love your beautiful compositions and I’m delighted to be your friend!

Kind regards
At 5:34pm on December 2, 2008, Fernando said…
Muchas Gracias por tus verdad es que quede muy agradecio a los Gelber por la escuela que me dieron, en los maestros de mi vida...quedaran siempre en primera fila...

Tu musica es muy haces acordar a Buenos Aires....Para que peliculas escribiste?

Un abrazo

At 11:52am on November 29, 2008, Fernando said…
Madre e Hija..muy bueno!
At 11:48am on August 30, 2008, Scott W. Hallgren said…
Thanks Carlos! A friend of mine liked it so much, he cut it on his album.... I am glad to reach a place where other people are recording my music!

The milonga has taken a while for me to get back to it, but I have a theme, so now I need to plot the form and accompaniment; hopefully I can devote more time to it since the kids are back in school

Gracias, mi amigo!

- S
At 5:20pm on March 23, 2008, Luciano Fleming said…
Yó entendi la citación de "Samba em Prelúdio" in tu bela música "Elisa".. mui interessante...y con certeza Elisa entendió la mensagem...
Estoy a escuchar las otras músicas solamente agora. The "Plan B" traz me recuerdos de mis años en Rio Grande do Sul . Nesse tempo, se escuchava muito el tango tradizionale y milongas em casa noturnas em Porto Alegre. Mi padre levava-me a casas de samba en el inizio da noche,. no entanto, a la media noche, hablava-me: después de la media noche, solamente el tango..e levava me a una casa de tangos ..
Me gusta mucho Piazzola, pero lo tango tradizionale traz me recuerdos..
At 5:07pm on March 23, 2008, Luciano Fleming said…
Hi Carlos, I'm Brazilian... it's a little strange 2 South -American guys speaking in English, isn't?
Yo hay vivido in Porto Alegre, RS de 72a 77, tendo nascido em Florianópolis, Santa Catarina.. Mi apelido por parte del padre is Silveira también,como tu..
Yo he estudiado guitarra clássica con un maestro argentino, Nestor Ausqui.. que me introducio a las tecnicas del grande Abel Carlevaro, a quien yo hay assistido un concerto.Yo hay assistido también el grande guitarrista uruguayo Alvaro Pierri quando el hay ganado em 74 o "Concurso Internacional de Violão" in Porto Alegre. Mas adelante yo hay escuchado Pierri quando il esteve in la casa de mi maestro después de haver ganado o "Concurso de Guitarra de Paris"in 76.

Me gustaran tu video con las duas cantantes, que bela música,que hermosas voces!Me hay emocionado. Bien, mi español non is bueno, mas yo penso que tu me entendes.
Un abrazo gaucho ,
Luciano Fleming Batalha da Silveira
At 10:00am on March 19, 2008, Ralph Davis said…
Hi, Carlos. Actually, I'm a complete novice. Maybe even a pre-novice, when it comes to composing. But I want to learn. My goal is to ultimately arrange and perform hymns in an a capella male chorus style. Here's a sample of one tune I've recorded; I'm planning to redo it soon, focusing more on the phrasing and "feel" of the words -- but I think I'm getting pretty close to the sound I want.

Immortal, Invisible
At 5:37pm on February 14, 2008, Carlos da Silveira said…
OK, thanks Marinho. I´ve had my share of crashes already. I´ve been using PT since 1994 (version 2.3). I´ve lost machines! Motherboards! Hard Drives! What a mess! I know every machine has an intended lifetime, it´s called "planned obsolescence" (pardon my spelling). I´m planning to buy a big HD to use SuperDuper to back up my system regularly to avoid losing files, authorization, data, etc. I´ll thank you if you can send me a copy of that film. I don´t know the director, never heard of him but it´s good to know that a fellow from my country is doing films there. It seems that even in the wealthiest countries it´s difficult to make movies. We like to think that the only people that have to struggle are us... Good luck and till soon.


At 9:01am on January 25, 2008, Scott W. Hallgren said…
Thank you, Maestro! And let me say I've enjoyed both my visits to your beautiful country and your posts on the FMPro boards!

I want to go back to Punta del Este!

- S
At 2:00pm on January 23, 2008, Carlos da Silveira said…
Oh, it´s good to know you´ve been around. It´s fine, Chris. I´ll be glad to tell you a few things about our music. There are many music styles or genres in the Rio de la Plata (it comprises both Argentina and Uruguay). We have the folk music of the pampas, the music of the Andes (mainly influenced by the quechua-aymara culture of the incas), the afro-uruguayan candombe (i bet you´ll love it!) and the tango. It is not well known the origin of tango but it may have been a merging of different musical elements: european, american and african. The word "tango" was used in the 19th Century as the name for the yearly festivity that masters allowed to african slaves. But tango music, as we know it, was born in the poor suburbs of both sides of the river. It was, like jazz, the music of the pauper, the immigrants, the country people that came to the city in search of labor. In the beginning it was a way to dance any music that was fashionable but, little by little, the dance devised its own music and, nobody knows exactly when, tango was born. Rhythmically, it was very different at what became later. It had reminiscences of the milonga (another musical species of the area, basically a 3-3-2 rhythm base). In the 30s there was something like a revolution in the genre because the orchestras of the time (which have incorporated the bandoneon, a German made instrument akin to the accordion but with great differences in the way of playing and the quality of the sound) began to change the rhythm of tango accenting the first and third 1/4 notes of the bar. It was christened "La guardia nueva" (the new wave). The first example that you can hear is the orchestra of Julio De Caro. Everything that came later was tailored to his mold. Nevertheless there were great innovators in the way of playing tango and the master of the bandoneon was Anibal Troilo "Pichuco" in the 40s. In that orchestra played, after returning from the United States where he lived till his teens, Astor Piazzolla. He played the bandoneon and, later, was the arranger of the orchestra. There he premiered his first compositions. This is, as you may guess, a very very short history of tango. I may suggest that you visit the site, it´s in english also. There you can find articles, scores and listen to recordings (streaming). I recommend you to start listening the tangos of Villoldo and Arolas and later go to hear De Caro, Laurenz, Troilo, De Angelis, the great singer Carlos Gardel... I think it´s enough for a beginning. Anytime you need something don´t hesitate to contact me. I´ll be glad to help you. And next time you´re around let me know, may be good to meet face to face, ain´t it? And I would love to see you playing too!



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