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Andrew Gleibman
  • Male
  • Yokneam-Illit
  • Israel
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  • 1.
    Musical Joke (Song of the Year Collective Work Placement winning) -- Christmas Toys Fighting and Climbing up the Christmas Tree
  • 2.
    Roof of Heaven (Song of the Year Semifinalist Award winning)
  • 3.
    Long Orbit
  • 4.
    Strange Elegy - 1st mov. of Mystical Suite
  • 5.
    Unexpected Meeting - 2nd mov. of Mystical Suite (Song of the Year Collective Work Placement winning)
  • 6.
    Invitation - 3rd mov. of Mystical Suite
  • 7.
    Sweet Dream - 4th mov. of Mystical Suite
  • 8.
    In the Park - 5th mov. of Mystical Suite
  • 9.
    Taste of Ambrosia - 6th mov. of Mystical Suite (Song of the Year Semifinalist Award wining)
  • 10.
    Enchanted Forest - 7th mov. of Mystical Suite
  • 11.
    Coven of Witches - 8th mov. of Mystical Suite
  • 12.
    Flying with Snowflakes - 9th mov. of Mystical Suite
  • 13.
    Quiet Waves of Solaris (Song of the Year Collective Work Placement winning)
  • 14.
    Two Jazzmen - Virtuosic Allegro Agitato for Two Pianos
  • 15.
    Arriving at Florence: domes, bells and voices of angels ... (Song of the Year Award winning)
  • 16.
    Small Fantastic Dance
  • 17.
    Strange Little Animal - Virtuosic Etude-Dance for Piano
  • 18.
    Quiet Resentment
  • 19.
    Starry Sky - Virtuosic Etude-Introduction for Piano
  • 20.
    Underwater Treasure
  • 21.
    Prestissmo from Waves are Dancing
  • 22.
    Sweet Dream - mockup by Milan Simovsky
  • 23.
    Christmas Tree Arrival
  • 24.
    April Etudes, Part 2 - Prestissimo Prestissimo
  • 25.
    The City in the Night
  • 26.
    Impossible Scherzo
  • 27.
    Passing Rome
  • 28.
    Jerusalem Prelude
  • 29.
    Jerusalem. Andante Molto Appassionato
  • 30.
    Meditation with Harpsichord Solo
  • 31.
    SPRING PRELUDE to the Impossible Scherzo
  • 32.
    MORNING IN A PARIS SUBURB. Symphonic Fantasy. Adagio Moderato with Bells and Reflections
  • 33.
    MAGIC GARDEN. Andante Cantabile with Sirens and Heartbeat
  • 34.
    SIRENS AND MOCKINGBIRDS. Etude-Miniature for Voices, Orchestra and Piano
  • 35.
    Street Improvisation

The above tracks are generally for high quality headphones and not for loudspeakers

Mystical Suite contains nine ballet scenes depicting various mystical phenomena. See the links below for details.

Musical joke Christmas Toys Fighting and Climbing up the Christmas Tree is a small and scary 5.5 min. ballet-phantasmagoria, where sparkling Christmas Toys dance, compete and fight for being perched on the most beautiful places of the Christmas Tree. It includes comical mobilization scenes, tread and horror of broken toys, beautiful kitsch-dance of the toys on the Tree branches, and winning apotheosis of the perched figures.

Only after completing this track I realized that

this joke is about musicians fighting and climbing up the media attention,

about university scientists fighting for the recognition of their results,

about businessmen fighting and climbing up the financial pyramid, about ... 

You can expand this list ad libitum! 

Have you found yourself here?

Profile Information

What have you composed for? Or what medium do you work around?
Orchestra, Small Ensemble, Contemporary Ensembles
What is your favorite genre or style of music?
Avant-garde, Contemporary Classics, Postimpressionism, Lounge
Is music your main income source?
No - Not at all.
Where do you live?
About Me (Must include at least one paragraph of biographical information about you as a composer) - blank or minimal answers on this line will cause your request to be rejected. Include a link to your website if you have one.
My occupation "for living" is mathematics and computer science. As a musician, I am more a pianist-improviser, depicting current mood and impressions, than a composer writing music in a cold mind status with strict calculations of the music form, texture and harmony. I find many musical inspirations in a scientific research, and sometimes vice versa. Presenting my compositions here, I am looking for a feedback and for ideas how to improve the quality of the music, better organize the improvisation sessions, develop and apply specific tracks etc.

In 2010-2011 I received several awards in the prestigious "Song of the Year" songwriting competition:

Please visit the following website for my discography and for more details about the music:

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At 2:16am on August 25, 2012, Gordon Francis Blaney Jr. said…

Mathematics!? Computer Programming!? Piano Improvisation!? You've just made a friend! I look forward to opening a dialog with you.

At 6:27am on January 15, 2012, Leon Riskin said…

Thanks. You're doing quite a serious work yourself!

At 12:18pm on September 30, 2011, Doug Lauber said…
Actually my 'jazz' is some sort of twisted version of jazz- 'fake jazz'. Ha! Whatever it is, I am having fun!
At 12:54pm on September 28, 2011, Doug Lauber said…
I'd like to hear something similar to Two Jazzmen, which is interesting, but with pauses and a swinging jazz rhythm. :)
At 10:18am on September 4, 2011, Paulo cesar Maia de Aguiar (Br) said…
Wonderful music
At 12:18pm on July 7, 2011, Gregor Theelen said…
Hi Andrew. I absolutely like your music. Although it already sounds great the way it sounds now, I would love to hear it performed by a real orchestra. I am new here on this forum and you're one of my first encounters here. Great! Thanks for your music.
At 8:03am on May 23, 2011, Rowan Galagher said…
Hi Andrew, thank you for listening and for your positive feedback. It's wonderful to hear such diversity in your music. Amazing compositions. :)
At 7:08am on March 9, 2011, riccardo amorese said…

thanks Andrew

I like your music, you can never say what is due to come, but you can always enjoy the present moment as part of an organic thing... two aspect normally incompatible. And, more important, never boring !

At 2:42pm on March 6, 2011, Matt Le Mare said…

Thank you again. I guess convention will change... Really like the textures of your compositions...


All the very best





At 9:48am on February 26, 2011, Matt Le Mare said…


Thank you. Innate Affection was composed for an ensemble. Some of the musicians are not as proficient as others, but equally musically expressive. So a piece that would include them in the make it enjoyable was important. So some of it was composed so it doesn't really matter what pitch is played as long as it's in the right octave and the rhythm is played correct; so the interpritation could slip into improvisation if needs be...

Do your compositions get played out? It's intresting how your peices hand together...


Very best wishes







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