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~Software changes, organizational changes, settings changes, policy changes will be posted here. Changes initiated by members are in red.

05/09/19 - A new section was added to the home page, "Composers Talk."

03/31/19 - A new item was added at #5 on the rules for membership (posted under "sign up info" on the upper right corner of the home page).

02/08/19 - ScoreBank added to home page. Store graphic updated.

11/27/18 - photo order on homepage changed from "most recent" to "random"

07/03/18 - slight change made to upper left corner of home page to tighten up text.

06/10/18 - addition made to "Sign up info," #4 added about e-mail being a human name.

05/20/18 - "Sign up info" added to top right side of home page.

05/12/18 Change made to sign-up form to request more detailed biographical information/composer history. Warning notice added that if this section is not filled out or is minimal, the request may be rejected.

12/19/17 Forum "Commercial Announcements" name changed to "Products and Services." Minor edit made to Profile Questions (used for membership requests).

12/15/17 Minor edits to text on upper left corner of home page to tighten up design.

12/6/17 Number of items in Forum Feed (center of page) increased at the suggestion of member Mike H. The feed now displays the 15 most recent updates, had been 10 updates prior to this. Description added to "Composer Forum News," indicating that only admins may start new topics in this forum (members can reply to these posts).

12/1/17 Blogs moved to upper right region of the page, videos moved to the center of the page below the Chat, at suggestion of member Manfred G. Pictures moved to the center of the page below videos. Donate moved to right side of the page.

11/27/17 Minor graphical changes made to some icons to reflect new design.

11/23/17 New site design implemented on main and mobile sites. This does not impact the organization, content, or behavior of either site.

11/18/17 Slight changes made to Events Calendar. Events show up on the home page, on the right side below member videos, and under the Events menu. Slight edits to homepage text to tighten it up.

11/10/17 New forum added, "Collaborations," at suggestion of member George A.

11/5/17 Donations made live on main and mobile sites. New forum, "Introduce Yourself," added at suggestion of member Bob M.

11/4/17 "Suggestions" added to menu on far right. Note added to “Contests” forum that contests on other sites may be posted here. Changed name of forum category “Uncategorized” to “Miscellaneous.” Removed “Chat” menu item (Chat is still available on the home page). Removed “Media” menu item, it had a link to Video and Photo content. Added Menu Items “Videos” and “Photos.” These are now populated by member content (latest first) and do not require moderator action. Changed name of Forum "Humor ad nauseum" to "Humor." "Posting Policy" copied to a link under Forum menu and other minor changes made to this area. "Featured Content" removed from "Blogs" page, this page now displays recent postings first and does not require moderator action. Two RSS feeds removed from bottom of home page. "Forum Policy" text moved off of home page onto the "Main" menu item and name changed to "Posting Policy." Administrators Group removed from home page and moved to a place where only Administrators can see it. All content on homepage except for the upper left corner and upper right corner is now member-created and auto-populated when members add content.

11/3/17 minor changes made to Mobile site.

11/2/17 and before home page simplified, text tightened up, member content raised on page, some unused features removed. Events no longer require moderator approval.

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