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Dancing Contest - Winter 2020

CONTEST RULES AND DEADLINE: Entries must include an MP3 or a link to an online sound file (e.g. YouTube, Soundcloud, etc.). PDF of score optional but highly desired. If submitting a file or files, your name should not be on them anywhere (if that is not possible with a link to an online file, that is ok). Optionally, you may submit a brief description of the piece of no more than 3 sentences length. Entries should be submitted to me privately. Friend me on this site (Gav Brown) if we are not already friends and I will accept and give you a private e-mail address to send you entry to. During the time of the contest, you must not post your music here or link to it from here. Deadline to submit your entry to me is 3/6/20 at 5 pm EST.

Questions or comments may be submitted here.

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