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4 Elements Contest

THIS NOTE IS FOR entrants of the "4 ELEMENTS" contest ONLY. Please note that the sign-up deadline has passed and no more sign-ups will be accepted.

DEADLINE to submit your entry is April 21st at 5 pm EST.


1) HOW TO SUBMIT YOUR ENTRY: The way to submit your entry begins by friending me (Gav Brown) on this site. If we are not already friends, send me a friend request and I will accept and reply with an e-mail address. If we are already friends, just send me a message requesting the address. All contest entries must go to that e-mail address, I WILL NOT ACCEPT ENTRIES SENT TO MY COMPOSERS’ FORUM ACCOUNT.

2) HOW YOU WILL BE IDENTIFIED IN THE CONTEST: Every entrant will be assigned a number when I receive your entry. THIS IS NOT THE SAME AS THE NUMBER I MENTIONED WHEN YOU EXPRESSED INTEREST IN JOINING THE CONTEST and will only be assigned to you once you submit your entry.

3) ENTRIES MUST INCLUDE either a sound file in MP3 format, or a link to an online file such as Soundcloud, YouTube, etc., with MP3 being the preferred format. The entry should not be longer than 2 minutes (a *few* seconds over that is OK). When submitting an MP3, please make sure it includes no personal information such as your name, etc. I realize this is not always possible with a link to an online file, just do the best you can. If you work with a notation program, a PDF of your score is highly desirable (and will get you more comments, based on past contests). If you submit a PDF, it should also not have any identifying information about you.

4) OPTIONAL: you can include a brief description of your piece or pieces along with your entry. If you do this, it should be no longer than this paragraph, and a separate description should be submitted for each element, if you are submitting for more than one.

5) NAMING: you can name your piece anything you want, it does not have to be named “Earth,” “Air,” “Fire,” or “Water.” Just identify to me when submitting your entry which element it represents.

6) HOW THE CONTEST WILL BE DONE: I will create a new thread once the deadline has passed, which will present the entries anonymously and allow for voting. There will be 4 separate contests, one for each element, and voting will be by the members of this site. Do not post your entry anywhere here while the contest is going on. After the contest is over, and the winners announced, that thread can be used for discussion of the contest for any who are interested. The discussion will be of indeterminate length, based on interest. At some point in that thread, I will indicate a time where free-posting of any of your entries is allowed, and from that point forward, you can post your entries independent of the contest if you like.

7) FOR THOSE SUBMITTING MORE THAN ONE ELEMENT: Please submit your entries to me all at once, do not send a separate mail for each element.

8) THERE WILL BE PRIZES for the winners. Details to come.

9) QUESTIONS? Post on the contest thread >>


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