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Roseberry And Raspberry For Flute Violin Cello And Percussion

The melody is adapted from a Russian folk song. I've a version of this for solo flute previously.

I'm not posting the score yet, but in it the introductory cello solo is marked "dynamics, vibrato, and rubato ad lib." so you'll have to use your imagination, since I'm not going to try to create those variations with software.

The audio file was generated with software as a demo.

Audio file attached, also available on SoundCloud Roseberry And Raspberry For Flute Violin Cello And Percu...

Version of 2 January 2021.

Comments are always welcome.


Please note that while this composition is based on a traditional song in the public domain, my arrangement of it is an original creative work under copyright. You may feel free to share or link to it by the usual means. For performance permission, please see my permission page.

I generally don't post scores to my compositions since many of them are offered for sale through web sites, and it would be inappropriate for there also to be free copies elsewhere on the internet. I'll be glad to email a pdf attachment of this score for private evaluation without charge to any member of this forum on request via private message.

Image from Peasant Songs of Great Russia by E Lineff, 1911

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I think it has kind of a Renaissance feel to it. With "raspberry" in the title I was expecting some tuba farts.

 I enjoyed listening to this. Thanks for sharing. Great work!

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