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Hey guys, 

This is a piece for concert band that I started a few years ago but have finally gotten around to finishing. It's a programmatic work based on the creation myth of an alien species from a twenty year old video game franchise. Details of that as be found in the program notes on the score.

Posting just the score and mp3 right now to get some feedback on first impressions, can provide more details on thought process if requested

Written and engraved in Finale 26, rendered with the help of NotePerformer3, which regrettably doesn't do horn rips or have a sound for rim shots on snare, or at least that I haven't found?


Thanks in advance!

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Thanks for posting this. I love a good concert band piece. Some of the best playing experiences I have had have been in concert band. Listening to a group is not even close to playing in one. Your piece brought back many good memories. Thanks again.

I use Sibelius. I have to create horn rips manually. Close enough.

This a fun piece with lots of energy and dynamics, and then more lyrical towards the end.  Great ensemble writing and good production, thanks for sharing this with us. And welcome back!

Hello Clay,

it is quite an amazing picture you paint here. I enjoyed it all the way. I do not know about the story you mention but I got many personal pictures and also sometimes a wholeness in the narrative. Music-wise I wouldn't mind even more dynamics. For example, after the 2 min introduction I thought the music should flourish but it was rather tame at that moment, probably intentionally to fit with your story.

It is not easy to write this kind of music and it is truly impressive how you manage.

I am also happy to hear a confirmation that Finale may be connected with Noteperformer now. The strings are amazing in Noteperformer. 

Thank you Clay



The positives noted below notwithstanding, I didn't find it sounded particularly "Creation Myth" to my ears. The instrumentation doesn't easily lend itself to "alien" soundscapes - maybe a blend of some digital synth content would help provide more in the way of contrast with the rest of it.

Cheers, Colin

I think this is a very accomplished piece. I found it most interesting even in its dissonance. Maybe the last notes could be held a little longer?

Well, it certainly got my blood flowing, listening to it late on a Saturday night, after watching the Final Four (that's a basketball tourney for those who don't know, and I was very depressed about my team, Auburn, losing). Back in the late 60's and 70's, a type of sound emerged called "wall of sound." That certainly characterizes the beginning of the piece. You are fairly bursting with ideas, exploding all over the place, but you manage them all very well. It's not easy to make something with this much going on sound as clearly as you have done.

I have no idea what the story is. I gather it is a creation myth. That suits it fine, but it would succeed equally as just "Concert Music For Band," like the Hindemith piece of the same name. But it transcends the provincial confines of the typical concert band. This is music on a grand scale, appropriately bombastic, and overall quite stimulating. A delightful entree for the Composers Forum palette. Looking forward to more entrees from you!

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