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Your world, my world, our world : a music searching for an horizon

I didn't know where I was going but I liked it that way. Do you see other directions ?

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Yoshed, this is amazing. Your sense of musical articulation is superb.

I have enjoyed listening to every piece you have posted.

Your music has a subtile power that reaches into the depths of human

emotion, with clarity and confidence. This is beautiful.  RS

Wow this is something... I'm really amazed by what you did there.

Beautiful, of course. 'Other directions'? Yes. At about the 1:52 mark, I'd think a little break from the tonic key; maybe a hint of lurking dissonance ( as 'relief' from all this lush beauty), before returning home to wrap things up.

But all & all, a quite beautiful creature. Bravo.


Whatever direction you were headed in, you certainly got there.  This is beautiful. Love the way you changed color at 1:10.

Would love to hear more from you.


Hi Yoshed

Very emotive indeed - beautiful piece. Can you perhaps share the score or give some indication as to how you put it together? - when I hear something like this my first instinct is to try to learn something from it.

Thanks, Colin

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