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Hi guys!

Just to be absolutely clear: Any file you upload to the Composers' Forum is STILL YOURS. By uploading your music, pictures or video you are taking responsibility and ownership of that media. You can't upload something that someone else owns without permission. And uploading your own music does not give it away.

Uploading a file here gives the Composers' Forum the right to display that file on the Composers' Forum. It does not give anyone the right to reuse, distribute, copy or sell that file anywhere else.

We want everything you upload to be your own work, or work that you have the permission to display. You want to be assured that by uploading your work, you are not inadvertently giving away ownership. So I'm telling you and the world now: by uploading your work, you are not inadvertently giving away ownership. Now keep up your end and only display things that you created or have the right to display.

If in doubt, don't upload it! If you are really worried about someone stealing your work, don't upload it!

We work hard to be sure that the Composers' Forum is full of real composers and is a place where you want to share what you do and how you do it.

I hope this makes you feel a little safer!

Chris Merritt
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OK, that answers this for me. So unless someone says otherwise [ e.g you say this is GPL, this is public domain etc] then anything that you have created and upload keeps your ownership rights.

I suppose that if someone wanted to have it carved in stone they could write "all rights reserved" etc next to their composition.

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