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Yes, I did say five.
You do not have to say why.
Just put them in order from favorite to fifth favorite.

1. Beethoven
2. Tchaikovsky
3. Frank *EDIT* Franck (sorry, I never spell his name correctly)
4. Liszt
5. Schubert

If your opinions differ (by that I mean if you hate a composer that someone else loves), please be civil in your arguments. That is more of a reminder for me than a request for you :)


Since I can still edit my list (hehehehe) I have a new one

1. Beethoven

2. Tchaikovsky

3. Strauss, R.

4. Shostakovitch

5. Barber for his Adagio (I've only heard that one piece by him)/ Mozart (For Sym. 40, Eine Kleine, violin+viola duets, Mass, and Requiem)

HM Liszt

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1. Rachmaninoff
2. Liszt
3. Alkan
4. Blumenfeld
5. Prokofiev

I like a lot more though.
oh yea, sorry, i spelled Frack wrong, I always do...Sorry
1. Tchaikovsky
2. Beethoven
3. Rachmaninov
4. Mendelssohn
5. Mozart

But these can vary depending on my mood.
1. Debussy
2. Brahms
3. Chopin
4. Mozart
5. Beethoven
J S Bach

5 that I dislike (not personally, just their music)

Webber A L
What, no Coltrane?

Chris Alpiar said:
Duke Ellington
Wayne Shorter
Horace Silver
Thad Jones
Gil Evans
Yes yes I did. No need to point that out. *runs away crying*
Yeah, I don't think I've ever spelled it right.

1. J.S Bach. (Though I remember one guy saying that stating that he is your favorite composer is a cop-out, since he simply defines what music is. Hehe.)

2. A tie between Frank Zappa and Steve Reich

3. Claude Debussy

4. Erkki-Sven Tüür

5. Arnold Schoenberg.
Hmmm.... though the list changes some depending on mood...

Alban Berg
George Crumb
John Adams (Possibly tied with Steve Reich and/or Terry Riley. I can't decide!)
1) Copland (He was the first composer that made me interested in symphonic music.)
2) Holst (St. Paul's suite is an amazing 15min journey.)
3) Mussorgsky (He had many flaws, but I think he was struggling just to be heard and appreciated.)
4) Ravel (For Bolero and arranging Pictures at an Exhibition.)
5) Hans Zimmer (Say what you might about this last choice, but he is just like the rest of us and all those who have preceded, in that he loves music and is constantly trying to explore its boundaries.)
1. Feldman
2. Messiaen
3. Stravinsky
4. Boulez
5. Gorecki

Though they are all very close and prob all 1st equal

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