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I mostly use normal drumkit crashes, although they're not the best for orchestral stuff but they have a hard 'crash' that I like to use which I can't find back in ewqlso silver for example.
I wonder what you guys use for cymbals?

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I think the Opus set from Vienna has some pretty good ones, although I'm still looking for the perfect soft mallet crescendo. Perhaps I should record my own samples when I find the time
You could go the websites of 'Stormdrum' and 'Truestrike' and listen to the demos. That should give you an idea, as those two collections are probably the most well used by the big boys, so to speak.
Thanks for the suggestions guys.
Just checked out some demo's of True Strike Tension, seems like a nice package for a very low price, although I'm not sure about the cymbals, didn't hear any cymbal work in the demo's.
True Strike 1 has excellent piatti and suspended cymbals. Storm Drum 2 has some excellent cymbal rolls. The new 'industry standard' percussion library is from Spitfire Audio.
For orchestral arrangements I use the Vienna Symphonic Library Special Edition cymbals. I do love the BFD2 cymbals though. But I haven't used them in classical arrangements yet.

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