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It’s a piano song I wrote and I can’t hear anyone singing it but Willie Nelson with his wonderfully unique phrasing. I love that guy! Funny thing too because as a rule I really can’t stand country music with very few exceptions and he’s one of them. The flute-y thing is the melody guide.

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Another lovely song and one that, yes, cries out to be sung. Then again it works absolutely as a warm-mooded background. A rainy day, warm indoors with someone just, sort-of...being....I suppose. (Almost like something from the Rubiyyat...!)

You've surely had training in theory? or, may I ask, do you happen to play lounge "live" like at events. You have this natural flair for harmonic flow.

I listened to this yesterday and pondered how I could comment...couldn't think of anything because I just flopped there relaxed, enjoying it.

I'm not so fond of country music either though one or two of Alison Krauss' songs touch me pretty deeply. Needs a certain mood though.... 

No training in theory, just listening to records... mostly Beatles.

I’m terrified of performing in front of people. Or to state it more broadly; I’m terrified of people.

I have, (how should I put this?)... ISSUES! Namely; Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD), and Asperger’s... not to mention clinical depression.

Warning: Rick is bored and now Rick will bore you with a funny “Rick” OCD story. They’re never funny at the time of course, but I could literally write a book of OCD related awkward moments in my life. I got a million of ‘em.

So, many years ago when I lived in Seattle...

Me and a couple other musicians did a John Lennon tribute at a Seattle night club (I was McCartney) I even had a Hofner Beatle bass. The guy that played Lennon was a professional one man night club musician I’d met. A local rock radio DJ (a huge Beatle freak himself) that I had gotten to know at a premier Seattle radio station wanted to promote the show and had scheduled a time for me and Gary (the Lennon guy) to come to the studio for a live promo. Well, anyone that really knows me would know that that was never going to happen. And it didn’t because I never told Gary and I just blew it off. Needless to say the DJ (Mike) was uuumm... PISSED! For good reason I’d say. That’s part one.

Part two...

Gary had given me a stack of flyers for the show that he’d had printed and tasked me with plastering them all over my part of town. Instead, I went around ripping down ones that he had put up. Are you getting the picture? I don’t like performing.

Weeks later after the show, I confessed to Gary what I’d done about the flyers.. and while I was at it about the radio promo that never was. Gary is an upbeat guy. I’d never seen him express anger as he is always bright and cheerful. That is, until I came clean and man oh man was he PISSED! He read me up and down and said he lost money on that show because not enough people had shown up.

It gets better. Part three...

Long story short, the show went on as scheduled on a snowy winter night no less. “Hurray!” I thought. The snow would surely keep people from attending. And sure enough there weren’t a lot of people in the audience. But before going on, I didn’t know how many people were in attendance. You see... I was much too busy zipping and unzipping my pants. Let me explain...

I have OCD and I’m here to tell you; OCD SUCKS!!!

The show went on. Somehow, I got through it. After it was over, a guy came up to me from the audience and said that my fly was open through the whole show.

That’s because before the show I was alone in my dressing room, nervous as hell zipping and unzipping my fly over and over again (that’s OCD, and did mention OCD SUCKS!, oh yeah, I did). During my zipping/unzipping ritual Gary came in and said “showtime!”. It just so happened that my fly was, in that moment, in the down position. The zipping and unzipping took up all my concentration and I guess I must have been glad to stop the ritual but at that moment I had worse things to worry about i.e. performing on a stage in front of PEOPLE!

By now you’re asking yourself “Why did you agree to do a show like that in the first place knowing how scared you’d be?” Answer: I don’t have a clue. Never did it again. Once was enough. People said I did good. I don’t know about that but what I do know is I never wanted to perform again.

Moral of the story; Always wear a clean pair of shorts.. or forget the clean bit and just whatever you do; ALWAYS WEAR SHORTS!

Sorry Dane, you asked “do you happen to play lounge “live” like at events? Uuuuh... no.

Bet you’re sorry you asked.. hehehe.

Oh and glad you like this tune. I love coming up with melodies and arranging and all that cerebral stuff.. performing?... not so much.

I suppose that's a story about performing on the fly as they say here when you do something spontaneous. Well, what a story it is. I can't say "shame about the OCD" We're all as we are and no doubt the shrinks will find disorders in all of us, . My version is Obsessive Composing Disorder because I fought serial music tooth and nail while certain I was an incarnation of Bruckner, dear chap and one of the few composers of the 19th century I can cope with (most people can't) but alas I was wrong. The nearest I got to writing a 90 minute symphony was putting the clefs on the music paper. 

But there it is. Like the Beatles and particularly McCartney you've arrived at music making without surrendering to academic training. They proved you can write good music without it. I sometimes think it a waste of time. It's handy at times: not having your skills, I can work out how to harmonise something or (more to the point) work out the harmony for a tune I'd like to play. 

My only shorts story is about playing organ at a wedding some years ago. They were very short but very clean. One of the guests? attendees? after the event suggested I shouldn't be attired like that in a church, nor should I be walking around bare footed. The bare feet were easy to explain. I'm not a competent organist particularly on the pedals. Just the tonic and dominant are enough to cope with so bare foot I can feel where my feet are on the pedals. Bum notes are very obvious with all the stops out. I mean, people don't play keyboards with gloves on so why shoes for the pedal board...anyway, that's my excuse. The shorts? Just one of those rare hot summer days and here was I hidden behind the choir stalls so no one would see while the biz was being done. I remember pointing to the altar and telling the guy that if he had any complaint about me he needs to make it there to the original designer. .Ah well, the bride and groom got me very cheap, like gratis, so they had to make allowances. 

Oh, I just realised...did you mean shorts=underpants? I was thinking of them as in short trousers. 

Dane, I’m guessing you reside somewhere in Europe “Great Britain” maybe? er, I mean, is Great Britain still part of Europe? I’m so f***ing confused. Here in America or as I like to refer to it “Jesus Land” the word “underpants” refers to the under garment women wear. Men wear “shorts, undershorts, or briefs”. As for that rube that approached you at the wedding... just another good reason to be an atheist if you ask me. We godless Americans (there are about 12 maybe 13 of us) are wishing we could break out of this asylum, but where are we gonna go? Canada? They do have a lovely national anthem, but I’d never master the language what with pronouncing “about” as “a-boot” and tagging “eh?” at the end of every other sentence. Mexico maybe? Nope, Trump the ignorant dictator-in-chief is trying to wall us in... heeelp! Needless to say, music is my only escape from the Trump madness made possible by the hoards of Jesus zombies. So I’ll just keep writing tunes and try not to think about this countries karma. I mean, did they really think that slaughtering populations of innocent Native Americans early on would have no consequences? Really?

Hope I haven’t offend you good man. Two plus years of Trump has taken its toll on me. I used to be the nicest guy in the world... still am actually.. but now I spit battery acid so, you know, what are ya gonna do? There are plenty of good decent minded religious people on this ailing planet but so too are there filthy rotten hateful worshipers of the sky spook many of whom happen to live in this country.

Uhhh... did I just black out? Was I ranting again? I hate it when that happens.

I forgot this is a music forum. My bad!

Hey, Rick, you'll find me the most un-offendable guy on the planet...nay, in the universe.  

Rant away by all means but save some of the energy for writing more of your excellent songs. :)

Good to know. I’m the nicest guy on the planet... nay, in the universe and your the most un-offendable. I rant, that much is certain, but only when I sense injustice. Yes, I am indeed Clark Kent.. ahhh crap I wasn’t supposed to say that.

This song is really great. It has a really warm vibe and I hope you'll get someone to sing it one day––it would sound so beautiful and rich! Great work!

OscoBosco, thanks for the kind compliment it really means a lot to me!

Hi Rick

I'm a big country/bluegrass fan (Rail Splitters, Pete Rowan, Highwaymen, Matina McBride, Loreta Lynn to name a few) and this song didn't sound particularly county to me. I think the flutey sound may have something to do with this as it makes me think of poppy m.o.r. groove.

Regardless, nicely pt together, I enjoyed listening to it.

Thanks, Colin

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