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Hello dear member,

here's a little sad tune for solo viola about longing for what once was.

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Very nicely done Christophe, I enjoyed listening.  I like that you are working with a solo instrument; it's a form that doesn't get as much attention as groups.

Thanks for the feed back, Ingo!

This hit the spot for my lunchtime stroll today. Very well put together. I often feel the viola is a much misunderstood instrument. It's not easy to write for and is frequently forgotten in the list of instruments that can be allowed a 'good tune'. I certainly have a tendency to leave it to last when composing a larger piece, thus relegating it to fillers and harmony.

Your recording has a lovely resonance to it which gave it a great sense of space. Really enjoyable, thank you.

A very beautiful. plaintive, longing, straight from the heart work..very expressive. It touched me greatly.

Thanks so much Chris for sharing this!


I aqppreciate your usage of different articulations which many composers ignore. Trills, changing vibrato from extreme to none, what sounds like sul ponticello? and more besides, Bravo!

Thanks everybody for the feed back And chrales, Yes I used sul ponticello

To me, your piece has a stark simplicity, and seriousness..  that reminded me of a great expanse in nature.. perhaps a desert with dramatic plateaus.. like a song to nature… the rising few lines at the end evokes that 'yearning'… very effective… couldn't help be be reminded of 'lark ascending' - V. Williams in that respect..  which i love… Thanks for posting.  A pleasure to hear.

Thank you all for the kind words


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