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It is going to be unusual request. I'm currently working on some project that involves gathering data on modern games and films with bad, boring or average soundtrack. If anyone could point out those i would appreaciate it. I need only a few.

Thanks guys n girls


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Kidnapped, with Armand Assante.  Good music, but they just replay the same three/four cues over and over and over again throughout the course of the entire film.



I don't know if TV counts in your research, but the first season of 'Lost' has (in my opinion) quite bad music. Really cheesy piano and string tunes. I'm not slagging the composer off though as he's very well established, and the music got better and better throughout the series and by the end the music is amazing.


I'm not wishing to offend anyone here, I'm just giving my opinion on the music in the first season of 'Lost'.


Sorry if I'm too late for your research.



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