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here's a thing I've been doodling with in the past few days. The primary goal with this piece was to create something that's very, very slow, and doesn't involve cheating (making the background lively to compensate for the slowness) while not allowing it to become boring. This is both a composition problem and a challenge of breathing some life into the samples, since otherwise they'll kill the music quickly.

Things I'm interested in:

- Composition - the music is slow and I'm intentionally not packing too many events into it; would like to know if you guys think this works musically

- Sample usage - it's tricky, making all those swells etc. sound natural, if you find something that's jarring I would like to know :)

- Mix - I'm very liberal in use of reverb and other things in this one, if it feels muddy or too sharp or too nondescript or if some frequencies kill your ears or if something seems to be missing, point it out.

Any other comments are most welcome, of course!


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Hi Greg,

This is quite nice. Simple, plainly expressed, and well done. Thanks for sharing it!


Very good... Nice work with the orchestration... Excellent for soundtrack music it gives a sence of "something revealed" or "a curtain raised" to me...

But for it to stand alone as music in a concert hall I think you need to work on the melodic aspect... it's like an introdution to something that never really arrives if you know what I mean. A Leitmotif... A melodic fragment to keep it interesting... You know what I mean   

Greg, this has a somewhat haunting and foreshadowing aspect to it,

as if a mood set up for something to follow. I think you met your initial goal.

I look forward to chapter 2.... you know, the thunder of the buffalo and

the wagon train... with the lone Native American on his horse at the top

of the butte, thinking.... WTF is happening to my land.  Kinda like things

today  lol       Nice work so far         RS

Very nice orchestration!  It sounds very scenic, evokes in my mind a vast barren landscape under an evening sky half-covered with brooding dark clouds.  Good job, you pulled off a slow piece that doesn't sound boring. :-)  That's pretty hard.

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