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Hello colleagues,

I've never written for flute before and am working on a piece which is at a very early stage, interested in any feedback you have. This is not by any stretch a complete work, in fact, it just stops where I have composed up to. Any thoughts you have about it/suggestions for improvement, please do share, and thanks in advance -


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Thanks for giving it a listen, Roger! It’s fun to try new things! I am going to give a string quartet a go next, you’ll hear my trials and errors on cello there if not here first!

Thanks again,


Hi Gav!  Sweet little tune.  I liked the overall development.  What about just a tiny bit of variation in the main tune in the first 50 or so seconds...just a different note or two...  the end seems a bit abrupt to me.

Just my 2 cents,,

Thanks Marc, appreciate your feedback. I myself had a concern that there's some variance needed, partly I put the piece here to see if others picked up on that, and it seems the feeling is universal, so I'm going to make some kind of effort to alleviate that in the next version. Re: the ending - it's not one! I just stopped writing! Next version will continue on where this version leaves off -

Thanks again!


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