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Strangely, Run was originally composed for a starting 3Harp project, for melodica and 4 harmonicas. Later, it was rescored for a woodwind sextet (2 flutes, oboe, english horn, clarinet, bassoon).

It was my first try for woodwinds. Samples are from EWQLSO (all solo, 3 microphone positions). In this piece I used some quartet techniques, 12-tone serial and non-serial technique and some DSCH/BACH magic (i mean note sequences, not composers).

Please write, what do you think about "performability" of the score (if a live performer can perform fast parts) and about the sound.

If you experience end before 4:04, please listen on my site or in my profile. You can listen here:

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Thanks for comments!

Ray, what's the correct word for this "performability"? :)

Kristofer, there is nothing about Bach composer, but BACH note sequence.

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