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Hello all,

It's chilly outside where I am (Baltimore) and the winter wind is starting to blow. So it's time to propose a new contest! "Winter Music" - write a piece of music which invokes the idea of winter. Any instrumentation, length between 1-5 minutes. In order for this contest to be a go, I'd like to see at least 10 composers on this site sign up for it. If 10 composers sign up by Nov. 30, the contest is a go! You can sign up by replying to this thread or PM'ing me privately (if we are not friends already, send a friend request and I will accept). You don't have to submit your work by Nov. 30, you only have to express interest to participate by then, details about contest deadlines will appear after the contest is a go. Voting will be by the members of this site!

Hope to hear from you!


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Thanks Bob! I like both ideas and will include them!

12th entry received, thank you! Deadline to submit your entry is 1/31/2015 at 5 pm EST!

Less than two days remain to submit your entry! Deadline to submit your entry is 1/31/2015 at 5 pm EST!

13th entry received, thank you! Deadline to submit your entry is 1/31/2015 at 5 pm EST!

Less than 24 hours remain to enter your piece in the contest. This is a robust contest which is the second-most-highest-participated-in I have run since I have been doing these, awesome! To those who have contacted me at the last minute, please have your entries in by the deadline! To the members of the site who may have been looking at this thread but who have not joined the contest, get ready, your part is next - we need you to vote!!! These composers have put the effort into writing a piece for this contest so they can put it in front of you and get your opinion. Please vote to show them you care about this site, original music, and their hard work enough to listen to it and decide who you think are the top entrants. Besides voting yourself, please ask your friends on this site to vote as well! VOTING WILL BE COMPLETELY ANONYMOUS!!! Entrants, deadline to submit entry is 1/31/2015 at 5 pm EST!

14th entry received, thank you!

Hi Kris, thanks for your suggestions! I do prefer an anonymous vote. There will be opportunity for members to offer commentary on pieces when voting and there will be a public discussion after. Plus, the voting tool I use counts up the votes, making it easy for me to accurately calculate the winners. Anyone can run a contest on this site and run it how they please. I'm sure if you wanted to do a future contest, you could do it publicly as you are suggesting -

15th and 16th entries received, thank you! Deadline to submit entry is TODAY at 5 pm EST!

The deadline has now passed and the time to submit is over. The entries will be posted on this site shortly, and voting will begin soon. Thanks to all who entered and good luck!

Hello composers, your entries have been posted and the voting period has begun. The voting period will last two weeks. The contest is here.

Hi Kris, all questions in the survey are optional, including the rank-voting questions. I take a light-hearted approach to the contest and figure that this is mostly just fun for the voters, tho I hope they will take the contest seriously and realize that the entrants have put real effort into their submissions and will respond in a meaningful way. I trust in the honesty of the participants -

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