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Newest piece from a set of 12 preludes this one is called Windmills, you can find the score attached below

Fun Fact: This song has been rewritten more times that I can count. Every time I thought I was finished I found a new mistake, this happened maybe 16 trillion times and there are still some mistake but I just can't anymore. So if you find any mistakes feel free to let me know! 

Any way, please let me know what you think! 

Alex Oliver Cawley

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Hi Alex,

Pleasant piece. I probably would have played it a bit quicker for more of a lilt, but it's all about interpretation and composer knows best. I liked the pandiatonic feel in places and some of the interesting progressions.

You asked if there are any errors in the score, well I only listened to it twice, but picked up on a few.....

B12, 11th beat, the second semi of this beat is a gsharp and you played an fsharp...I think!

Ties are missing in the top part in b8.

b28, 6th beat, you played fsharp but gsharp is written....

I still find mistakes in scores I've done, it's such a pain right?

Hi Mike

Thanks for listening, I know what you mean about playing faster but I found that some of the later parts don't work well any faster as the rate of harmonic change makes it hard to really know whats going on and I wanted everything to be on mostly the same tempo. I might try and record it a bit faster and post on here just to see.

Thanks for letting me know about those mistakes, I'll put them on the list! I must say that I really dislike having to write out scores as you might guess but it is a necessary evil.


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