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This was something that came to me while walking in the woods. I’ve always loved the sound of the wind in the leaves, and wanted to try something musical that would approach that sound. I also was working on legato guitar work at the time, and wanted to do something with that technique. The piece didn’t work very well for legato guitar. So I exported as midi to my DAW, and added some different sounds. Pretty happy with the result.

I work only on an iPad, using Notion for notation, and Auria Pro as my DAW. Lots of great sound libraries there as well.fAny and all comments welcome.

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Score. Not sure why it didn’t upload the first time.


I realized this last weekend, that I have taken a ton of photographs walking through the park where the idea first came to me for this piece. So I ended up making a video collage of all those shots, with the music in the background.

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