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Please tell me (in a few paragraphs only please!) what you really love about the Composers Forum!

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Wow, what's this? I get busy for a couple o' months, and look how the face of the internet, ahem, I mean, this forum, has changed!

Ahem. Back on topic, I found this forum last year after years of composing "in the closet", as it were, until finally the bubble within was at bursting point -- I just needed the feedback. Any feedback. Even if it's just to confirm my inner critic's incessant self-doubt that my music is any good at all.  Well, I got feedback, all right. Very helpful, insightful feedback, that has even had the side-effect of inspiring me to compose new music (including some I haven't posted here yet), which due to various personal reasons I hadn't been doing for a while before then.  What stood out the most was the so-called Fireworks contest last summer, which was the first time I (1) composed to a deadline, (2) to a prescribed topic not of my own choosing.  I found that experience very broadening, and it has helped me tremendously to grow as a composer.  Of course, it was also nice that, despite all of its (to me, glaring) flaws, people liked it enough to rank it in 2nd place. That was very encouraging. :)

I am saddened that petty squabbles have led to the departure of several members who have been most helpful and insightful to me, especially of Gav Brown, who was championing the biannual contests. Last winter's contest fell flat because of unfortunate circumstances connected with this whole recent debacle, which is a pity. I hope somebody will pick up the ball on that (the contests, I mean, not the petty squabbles) -- IMO the contests held on this forum are one of its highlights and should be continued as much as is possible.

I shall respond. Several members have contacted me to ask if I have left this forum. I have not. There was a brief period of time where I was asked to be a moderator of this forum, which I accepted, but which did not work out. That is ok with me. I like this forum and have affection for some members, especially some of those whom I have collaborated with. I have run contests on this site which many have participated in and have enjoyed the response. Greater concept: I think music composition is one of the highest endeavors to strive to. Art, in general, is under appreciated, and I am especially happy that this forum allows me to share my art and to listen to and comment on the art of others. I see that in recent months there is some effort to contain spam postings on this forum, and that seems to me to be good. Let us concentrate on posting works, and blow past the bloviating

Gav, I apologize for misrepresenting your position.

Are you planning any contests in the near future? ;-)

Sure H.S. Teoh! I will announce something soon -

Great to hear, Gav!

Its a nice storage rack for the scribbling I laughingly call "my compositions"  It saves disk space on my computer and prevents the frustration of getting the fire place going.

BrAvO Gav

Gav Brown said:

Sure H.S. Teoh! I will announce something soon -

Looking forward to hearing about it, Gav! Keep the contests alive -- you're doing a great favor to this site by running them. Thanks for your efforts!

I have a theme and will announce something soon

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