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Hi All.

I wish to share with you this orchestral interlude.

Written in March 2020, I rescued it from dust while taking a rest from finalizing my entry to Forum's contest.

It's raw mix from notation output.

Any comment will be appreciated.

Whole Tone Poem. Interlude for Orchestra

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Very pretty short piece Fabio, enjoyable to listen to.  Your melodic and harmonic material is very mellow and not dissonant at all.  I wouldn't have paid attention to the whole tone scales if you hadn't mentioned it, they blend very nicely. The ending was abrupt, I was hoping for more!

Thank you for listening, Ingo.

Guess you're one of the latest people on Earth to aim to listen to more than 1:30 of music at a time. Ahahah.

I'm with you it ends out quickly, yet I conceived it just as an interlude, it could fit a scene change in a theatrical work.

So, it's really not a "Poem" —see above—, but I can't resist to the pun.

Hi, Fabio,

Well, I loved the sound of it. I dare say some tweaking might vary the dynamics a bit but it was well balanced, ethereal, engaging.

My criticism? It's just too short. Ok, you call it an interlude but it stands in its own right and could be expanded considerably. When it came to about 1'14", a clarinet solo with other instruments just touching in I thought it was the beginning of a new idea.... and then it stopped.

I so hope you can elongate it. For me it was easy to listen to, get involved with.


Hi Dane.

Glad you liked it. I wrote it just to climb over "writer's block"

You're right, there's a second theme there, coming from sketches of a larger piece I'm carving at for years, so I wanted to give it a chance in a less demanding setting.

And, yes, it needs some tweaking. As you know, it's just notation, almost no dynamics, no finishing coat.

Encouraging comments from you and Ingo persuades me it deserves further development.

Thank you again for listening


Very nice, beautiful sound picture. There are strong emotions in the music, it feels deep inside. And when it gets most exciting it suddenly stops. Planning a continuation? I join the previous commentators in this wish.

Thank you very much.


Hi Kjell.

I'm glad you enjoyed my work.

In this case, I'm not going to extend this one. It was meant as an aid to break writer's block and find hard to resume the same feeling. I listened to a longer former version lying somewhere on my mac, but it doesn't add much to me. 

Though, comments from you and other fellows are convincing me adding further episodes, cues, as a soundtrack to an imaginary theatrical representation. This one shall be a ring along the chain. 

Thank you


Hi Fabio,

Very well done indeed. Nice setting and good orchestration. A pity that it ends so soon. You mentioned your reasons for this, but it could go on quite a while longer...


I did not hear the whole tone scales, probably due to lack of musical training. Very nice piece indeed.


Thank you, Jan-Frederik, glad you enjoyed it.

Whole tones are scattered here and there, often alternating between white and black keys series —in my personal lingo— the former starting from C (or any whole tone from there), the latter being built on C# and the following in order. Thus, the whole chromatic spectrum is available. 

Anyway, the actual ratio behind the title is just my love for puns.

All the best

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