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I’m thinking about entering a song writing contest but can’t decide which one of these two pieces to use.

I think I’ve posted both of them here in the past for critiques, but now I just want to know which one to use as an instrumental entry.

Also, the titles; “Mental Suicide” and “I Don’t Want to Think” are really only working titles because of words that popped into my head as I was humming out the melodies, they can be changed. I’d like an opinion on that as well.

Any feedback would be most appreciated.


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Well, you're aware of my oblique sense of "musicality" so I'm not sure if my opinion is anything to go by.

I Don't Want to Think is far richer in harmonic variation/progression than Mental Suicide. (In fact it goes through harmonic sequences that I still can't work out how you got back to the home key at the end. It surely isn't obvious but you did!) Also has a more varied melodic content and arrangement.

They both have their strengths but I'd vote that one, so it really depends on how you think it'll be judged. If they're after something simpler, it would have to be Mental Suicide.

You know what? They both need a vocal.

Anyway, here's wishing you luck.

à bientôt (makes a change from cheers!)



Or should I call you Mr. Oblique Sense of Musicality (OSOM).

Thanks for deciding for me. You said; "depends on how you think it'll be judged".

Kind of ironic you've chosen that title, wouldn't you say? hehehe

In addition to my Asperger's, I've also had a rather nasty case of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) since childhood.

One of my earliest quirks was when as a child I used to compulsively cup both of my hands over my nose sniffing them while repeating the words aloud "I think, I think, I think...".

One of my life's ironies is that now as an adult "thinking" is about all I do.

"I think" these two song titles are likely a subconscious statement about my cognitive struggles.

I do care what you think. At least I think I care what you think. I'm thinking I should shut up now!

Thanks again Dane, or I should say Mr. OSOM (pronounced "Awesome")!

à bientôt (whatever that means),



I said: "One of my life's ironies is that now as an adult "thinking" is about all I do." But that is not irony. The word I should have used is "apropos". That's about all the French I know.  :)

Uhhh, I've been told not to think. So I gave it up - overrated. Like I said earlier, these days I seem just to decompose.

Call me what you will, Rick, as long as you do call me if free sweets/candies are in the offing! I tend to write in major keys after a few sweets.

There's a hope that others will opine on which song to submit. I believe all our music is reflective of some parts of our nature (unless you go in for...yeah, wait for it...serial music..... which seems more about bureaucracy, fairly devoid of feeling).  

Both of these are excellent.

I am partial to the first one. Seems a more pleasant listen while the second one has a more melancholic and predictable feel. 

I suspect a song contest would be looking for pleasant departures. For some odd reason the second one seems to sound like something I've already heard before or similar. I really liked the chord changes in it!


Thanks for the feedback. Well, you and Dane picked the opposite pieces so I guess I should be happy that they both have at least some appealing qualities.

Regarding the familiarity of “I Don’t Want to Think”, I had the sense when I came up with the tune on my piano that I’d heard something similar to it too. I know it sounds like something but I can’t recall what it is. It’s likely just odds-n-ends from the music files in my brain from stuff I’ve heard.

Thanks again for your feedback, it’s much appreciated.


I had not read Dane's comment before this. I didn't intend to make the choice even more difficult. I think I went more by how the music made me "feel" . It seemed there was a lot of underpinning instruments playing in the 1st piece.

I could swear I've at least heard a similar progression before in that second one. Like you I can't pin it down. There are apps out there that you can play a tune into and they will attempt to identify the song. Of course so many songs have the possibility to sound like something else because they have similar chord patterns. 

Which ever one you choose, good luck!! I hope you win. 

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