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I'm looking for a good choir library - Oh and Ah sound is fine, with a non-vibrato or just a little vibrato.  I'd love to hear your opinions & experiences.

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It depends on your budget and on the type of music you want to do (epic music, classical music etc.) Do you need solists or boy choir?

Probably more epic music. It would be great to have the option of solo and boys choir. I would pay the cost for a good library.

Thanks Raymond, this sounds interesting.

I have no choral sounds except what comes on Logic Pro, which isn't much.  I have East/West Hollywood Strings, but now I need a good voice sound.

You can look at requiem pro (I think it's the best choir library now and it has also soloists) and liberis from 8dio

There is a new epic choir library, with no boy choir and no soloists and it's only one dynamic layer with a filter (seems strange nowadays) but listen to the demos, the sound is really awesome!... and it's cheaper :

There is also a new choir library with a word-builder: Voices of Prague:

Oh, and I think that if you want aaah and oooh even symphonic choirs has still a beautiful sound.

Thank you, thank you, all of you!  You've all been a great help.  I have a movie I'm scoring and the director wants a nice choral sound, so I might as well go for the best.  I will be sure to check out all of your suggestions.

For really epic stuff I think you can't go wrong with Storm Choir from Stresov Sampling. Even though it was recorded at ff dynamic it can work well for quieter moments. 

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