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Hey everyone,

So with the exception of a couple Billy Joel ballads, I've come to realize that the only music that can really make a grown man like myself tear up is a moving orchestral piece. The sad thing is that for me, most circumstances in life (e.g heartbreak) really can't drive me to tears. I've never been much of a crier, but there are just some melodies and arrangements that break me down.

So I figured I'd ask all of you if anyone has had a similar emotional connection to a piece of music, whether it is from the sheer beauty of it all, or perhaps it brings back a painful memory from the past.

For me, Pietro Mascagni's Intermezzo from Cavelleria Rusticana does it...

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When I first heard Elly Ameling singing this Brahms setting I had to rush out and buy the lp. Her beautiful clear voice gives such poignancy to this simple tune.

Pietro Mascagni sounds beautiful.

This piece I grew up listening to since I was a young teenager, and always gives me a hand up out of my crazy life.

This piece stopped me dead in my tracks first time I heard it..and still has my heart..

Thanks Bob

Here’s another one that always gets me, from very early Yes, featuring the angelic voice of Jon Anderson and some of the most beautiful lyrics I have ever heard. A couple of minutes long

True David, though I feel the chills on my arms. The Sweden Hall acoustics are extraordinary. Do you know if the Mass Choir in the video were college students?
David Unger said:

This piece by Wilhelm Stenhammar "Vårnatt" (Spring Night) always sends chills down my spine. It is a lot about the melancholy of the (earthly) spring that rises after death (in nature as well as human).

You're right, Ascend sounds heavenly yet a bit morbid like letting go. And I know we don't know each other, but I'm sorry about your Father. My condolences. I lost family to cancer, and I try my best not to smoke cigarettes so I can stay healthy myself. Cancer is terrible. Anyway, thanks for sharing.

Dave Dexter said:

The one piece I can think of that reliably makes me either have to quickly hit pause or do a sad is Brian Eno's "An Ending (Ascent)":

I'd always been consumed on listening by the weird combination of serenity, hope and bitter sadness I hear in the piece, but it somehow became associated with my father as he slowly died of cancer. So a difficult listen these days.

I also recommend these three by Steven Wilson for anyone who wants beautiful, haunting songs about death, loss and the acceptance thereof (with beautiful stop motion videos), all of which have broken me down at some time or another.

Not much classical music makes me cry, not that it's bad if it doesn't, but the pieces I mention a lot on here are "Spem in Alium" and "Fantasia on a Theme by Thomas Tallis". Trust Tallis to hit the feels.

One of the most tragic scenes in all of classical muzak

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