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What is your biggest obstacle to composing in the way you want your music to sound?

Is it time constraints? Not knowing how to technically do what you want to do? Not knowing enough theory?  Notation? Cant afford the programs you need?

Feel like your composing in a vacuum, and no one hears or cares?

Music sound too dated, simple, derivative etc?

Whatever it is we ALL have stumbling blocks that we need to navigate in order to get our music done..

Whats yours, and how you try and work around it?

Thanks Bob

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I know it seems like a lot--but please, try doing 15 min to a half hour just to see how it is. That 15 mins+ will add up, and you'll soon see how important this networking will be. I consider this composing time, along with score study, etc and that helped me get thru it when I first started

It will add confidence, and get your music out there.  A win-win situation!

Please keep us posted Jim:)

Thanks Bob

From Frederick: 2) I am not sure what I would like my music to sound like. The target keeps moving.

I feel like this is a typical thing for a lot of composers– we learn to do something, but then discover something new and keep trying to write music we enjoy.  

And I agree with Jim on believing in oneself.  

Hi Bob

Biggest barrier for me is the techie stuff on the DAW. I have Cubase 9.5 into which I import my scores from Dorico as MusicXML files. I then try to get the vst's to behave themselves and do what I want them to do. For example, I'm using Vienna's Konzerthaus Organ for my pipe-organ comps but I'm grappling with VI Pro - still trying to get my head around it plus auditioning all the stops to find the right ones for what I have in mind. 

I also bought the Tina Guo cello vst for a cello piece that suits the legato only articulation of the vst, but it takes a bit of work with the mod wheel getting the instrument to play as I want it to, i.e. with Jackie Du Pre in the driving seat!

Spending time taming the tech is definitely my number one gripe

Cheers, Colin

Colin, if what you describe about working in a DAW is a serious chore for you then perhaps you should just write music and give it to someone else for performance.
Yes, there is a lot to learn and do in controlling the output from any virtual instrument but if it were not a challenge then where would the satisfaction come from?
I just don’t get the ‘I can’t do it’ answer.
Keep doing it until you get better at it.


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