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What music notation software do you use when you write on the computer?

I use Finale PrintMusic 2009. After hearing the quality of some of the midi's here, I regret to getting this one.

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I actually use MuseScore.It's an amazing freeware enough powerfull to fulfill all my needs.
A great soft !!!

(see at
My first two cents. I joined this morning. I had a short break (50 years) in my career. Had to earn a living. Back then it was piano, pen and paper. I started again six years ago opening my old boxes of scores and found out that there is a wonderful set of technologies available. I had to learn from scratch. Now I have a mac and am working hard.
The first sketches (melody lines etc.) I do in Harmony Assistant. It is very good for first drafts as you can freely insert and delete and change. Good macro language. I have wirten more than ten macros to make the drafting simple. Replace quarter with two eights. Double or half (is that English?) a note and so on. The main point is that if you have 357 notes and want to add two after the fourth note or delete a few notes the rest 353 move around as needed. But when the drafting is ready I move over to Sibelius for the serious work. Harmony Assistant exports XML and Sibelius reads it. I export each instrument from Sibelius separately as audio (sometimes midi) and work with them in a DAW named Reaper in order to improve nuances, velocities and tempos.
Metaphor: Harmony Assistant is the pencil, Sibelius the oil colors, Reaper the frame on my masterpieces.
Workflow: 1) piano, pen and paper, 2) Harmony Assistant, 3) Sibelius, 4) Reaper, 5) frustration, 6) Back to 1,....
But I have understood that the generic workflow is: idea, sketch,notation, DAW. All of them are needed.
These are,of course, personal opinions and preferences. They will change with time.

Hi Adrian, I'm writing with Notion 3 after having used Finale Printmusic 2009. Notion 3 is really good! The midi problem you mentioned: Notion can export midi, but the output is defective (you can work with, but there are a lot of wrong interpretations). If I need a midi file I export my Notion score to Music-XML and import the XML into Finale Printmusic and from there I export the Midi. It works, but I have to go the whole score through and to correct differences to the original score.

Notion's support promised to correct the midi problem with one of the next updates.

Adrian Allan said:
Does anybody know any more about Notion ? For a cheap program the built in orchestral samples sound really good - London Symphony recorded at Abbey Road. However I have heard that it can't export midi which seems a major drawback.
I use Sibelius 6 for all my composing and orchestrating work - both classical and pop. I also do Sibelius engraving work for many Hollywood composers and offer tutoring in the software.
I agree with this. My feeling is that finale is more used by "engineers" and "sibelius" more by "(intuitive) musicians", what not meens, that "engineers" are not musicians....
I use Sibelius 6. The thing is, while the quality of the GPO sounds is good, but because it is sampled, I don't really rate it much higher than the general midi sounds...
What is to say against using paper and crayon. But I think such discussions should have a little bit more quality.
It's hard to write with a crayon...

Ansgar Kreutz said:
What is to say against using paper and crayon. But I think such discussions should have a little bit more quality.

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