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This is one of the most common questions that I have been asked over many years. If anyone else has had difficulty in giving an adequate/eloquent response may I humbly suggest the answer is here - see the link.

If anyone asks in the future you could save this link to pass on - it saves a heck of a lot of explanation.

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Kind of ironic that Longfellow wasn’t talking about English humour

Dark humour is a British speciality and a good way of dealing with things psychologically. I did a 2-week riding course with the 5th Royal Inniskilling Dragoon Guards in the 70's. On arrival we 6 students were met by 6 horses attended by 6 grooms - one of which was in the process of feeding an apple to his charge. When the horse had finished the groom kissed it on the muzzle - something he'd been doing for 3 years with that particular horse (this is a true story by the way). Bad timing meant the horse was bothered by a fly at that very moment and shook his head to get rid of it. The horse's top teeth caught the groom's bottom teeth and the shake was sufficiently powerful to rip the grooms jaw open - it was just managing not to fall off in its entirety.

Afterwards I overheard one of the other students telling the story to someone else: his truly ironic punchline was: 'You should have seen it, the bloke was speechless'.

There's British irony for you. 

Lol!  Stephen, you need to set that story to music.  You might also say the bloke mouthed off to (by) the wrong horse :)

That was certainly no gift horse that bloke looked in the mouth. He almost became the Headless Horseman, a story popularized by another American writer, Washington Irving.

Incidentally, Longfellow was from Maine, where I proudly have dwelt for the past 31 years. Although I must admit, when I fantasize about living elsewhere, it tends to Australia or New Zealand.


     There's a new web site for funeral directors.  It's called Decomposers Forum.  It's quite an undertaking.

Oh come on Gav, how low can you get?

..... 6 feet? :-)

I’ve always thought Necroica was his best undertaking

If you're thinking of Orpheus he went a bit deeper than that.

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