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Hi everyone! This is my first post on this topic. We finally put up a youtube and I'm always looking to hear what people think. This piece was influenced by Danny Elfman, with a little bit of a "heavier" sound I suppose :)

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Wow, Madtown is surprisingly sane and well-structured!   Not so mad, after all!   I thought it was well written and captivating.  Toward the end, it might have been even better to take us through some other keys, to arrive somewhere ... but maybe we aren't supposed to arrive, just enjoy the journey.  I think you totally accomplished what you laid out in your description - a little dark and just a tad silly, but silly in a really classy way.   Good work!

good job   fitting title  maybe you should contact Tim Burton in Hollywood

  the piece reminded me of his movies for some reason

the only part I thought needed a bit of polishing was the ending   a bit abrupt to my sense of things

Thanks for sharing it   Roger

Thanks for the comments!

Raymond, I will make sure to do embedded next time, I'm glad you enjoyed it :)

Julie, I suppose it's somewhat structurally sane, but not so sure about musically haha!

Roger, Interesting that you and Julie both have some opinions near the ending of it. After listening again, it does seem a bit abrupt. Perhaps that's what we were going for? I'm not entirely sure :) Burton/Elfman are definitely a tremendous inspiration. There's something about the magical/eerie/quirky feelings in those movies that I adore. 

Hey Eric, I listened to it again and it was just as intriguing - thats a good thing      for me  I think a a lot of

    pieces are 'once is enought'  

  I  think with the point about the ending for me was that I just wanted to hear more- thats a good thing.

 for me  I think an eerie scream of a chord echoing in the background would have wrapped it up nicely

but again, great job

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