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Hi! Can I get some feedback on this weird thing that popped out of my head a few days ago? I'm not sure what genre it is but I want to say jazz. Have a good night!

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Hi Izzy, 

Definitely a straight ahead rock composition, though it needs a fatback to fully complete the picture. It sounds ok to me. Not familiar with this tool you're using, can you describe it a little?



Noteflight, it's free but the full version is much better and it's what I use because it's simple and easy

Very interesting piece. Sounds like a theme song to me. Maybe for a retro-spy tongue and cheek TV show. I would up the tempo just a tad. I like it!

Cool chord progression, like Gav says it's kind of like the '60's rock stuff which found it's way into TV shows like Daniel says.  Noteflight is interesting too, thanks for posting this!

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