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I FINALE can let go of this frustrating notation program as I had the NOTION to buy one the works very well and is so easy to use. It is priced well and these are the default sample libraries it comes with. I gain nothing from this, it is just my opinion.

Needless to say I spent a while getting familiar with the program. In this piece I hope I have learned  from the great advice I received in my previous post.

(Let me know what you think of the sound libraries that come with Notion.)

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As well as the parts are intertwined, this piece just seems to plod along. Did you have a goal for this music? Small ensemble is tough to write for. Everything is so exposed. No place to hide. What do you think makes me want to listen to this?

I did listen and can appreciate much about it. But what are you trying to tell me with this music? 

Hi Bob. You are right. At the moment I am just trying to practice composition. There is no "meaning" to this piece. Thanks for the observations. 

We're all practicing composition. Make every note count. It's more fun and rewarding that way

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