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Here’s my latest piece. It’s actually quite old, but until recently I thought  it lost. But I was digging around through some old sheet music and found a copy of it. It’s the recessional for the wedding of a good friend of mine. I have written the music for 5 weddings for family and friends, and I performed this at my friend’s wedding. The march I have previously posted here, so won’t again unless there is interest. As always, comments welcome

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Thanks for listening Nikola and for sharing your opinion!

I think your really nailed this Gav--its full of uncontrolled joy, excitement and celebration--spontaneous outbursts and exclamations  of excited good wishes, and applause--all done so wonderfully , and successfully in your music here.

Thanks so much for sharing..GREAT job :)

Thanks Bob

Thanks so much Bob, you certainly described what I was aiming for the in piece. I appreciate you taking the time to listen!

Good. Happy, upbeat, positive. I'd never in a million years have associated it with weddings, but that's not your concern.

Thanks so much for listening Dave, and I am glad you enjoyed! - Gav

I enjoyed this. Something about the bright, upbeat, jazzy style reminded me a little of Vince Guaraldi's music for the Peanuts animated movies. It's very atmospheric, which is perfect for an event like a wedding. Well done.

Thanks Noah! Guaraldi is a big influence on me, and if a little of him shines through in anything I do, it's because of that. Thanks so much for listening and glad you enjoyed!

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