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Hello fellow composers!

We now have over 1,700 members here at the Composers' Forum and that is just awesome!  Unfortunately there are some old, inactive accounts in there.  But we do our best to weed them out and delete them.

Please let us know if you come across an inactive account, and we will contact the owner and delete the account if there is no response.  This will make it better for all of us!

And remember to check in with your account and post something occasionally.  You can just say hi to a friend by leaving a comment on their page, or maybe post a quick blog about what you are doing, or leave a comment with one of our many discussions.  Us admins will see your activity and know not to delete your account.

Now go and check out some of your fellow composers here!  There is probably much you can teach others AND much you can learn here!

Chris Merritt
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