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Hey all, 

Just finished composing a contemporary/videogame inspired piano composition - would love to hear any and all feedback/criticisms

Thanks :)

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The piano and the playing sounded excellent.

There seems to me to be three parts to this - the first from the start to 2:34 then (for me at least) the star of the show from there until the pause at 4:12 (I would have liked to have heard this worked a bit more), and then the rest.

I can't help thinking of it stylistically alongside Einaudi (although I'm not suggesting it's derivative).

Thanks, Colin

Hi Adeel,

A nice dip into contemporary pop piano with a little new-age feel here and there. It is pleasant and has good production values. It occurred to me as I listened to it that in addition to being a stand alone piece for piano that it would function equally well as an accompaniment to another instrument, flute perhaps. Nicely done and thanks for sharing it with us!

Very well put together and pleasant to listen to, has a restless, searching feel to it that does convey the subject matter quite effectively. Never boring, which is always a plus!

Great playing Adeel, you have excellent command of jazz and contemporary idioms.  Very enjoyable.

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